Regardless of where you go, all you seem to hear about these days is crypto — the hype is real.

Cryptocurrencies are generally regarded as one of the most volatile digital assets. However, they are equally rewarding. As of December 2021, the global market capitalization of the crypto industry touched $2.21 trillion. And the graph is only moving upwards.

So, it is no surprise that everybody is talking about it. According to Reuters, there is a new social media post about cryptocurrency every 2 seconds. In fact, if you know nothing about crypto, now is the time to catch up to speed and

With that kind of buzz, many blogs and publications obviously want to capitalize on it. What’s more, with the buzz comes a ton of information overload from different mediums such as podcasts, videos and blogs.

But there are high-quality, informative and educational blogs and then the ones that are simply posting for the extra traffic. Finding it hard to choose the right ones to follow and subscribe to?

Worry not. Here, we have collated a non-exhaustive list of the top blogs that you should keep an eye on, to stay updated with all things crypto.

With that, let us dive right in.

#1 CoinSutra

Established in 2016 by Harsh Agrawal, CoinSutra is yet another useful resource for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Regardless of whether you are just starting to invest in crypto, or still brushing up your knowledge, the platform has blogs that aim to inform and educate. For this reason, the blog also offers tips and tutorials helping the budding investors in navigating the process of crypto investments.

CoinSutra has a clean interface and has a combination of blogs of different lengths — so you can choose your pace and decide how much deeper you want to delve into the subject.

Topics Covered: Recent updates and educational articles about the crypto field

#2 Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is synonymous with cryptocurrencies, to the extent wherein if you search for any related topic in the world of crypto, Cointelegraph probably has a blog for it. With that sort of authority and volume of articles, Cointelegraph is the go-to source for all things crypto and more. The website has several videos and research reports to guide even seasoned crypto investors with their trading journeys.

If you are a proud crypto enthusiast, Cointelegraph even has a store that sells crypto-related merchandise such as sweatshirts, slippers, bags and more.

Topics Covered: News and Updates on Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Fintech

#3 CoinDesk

If you have been following cryptocurrencies for long enough, you may already know the plethora of information CoinDesk offers on the subject. The platform is attempting to build an influential status and a global community that is interested in the crypto economy. There are very few crypto investors who do not follow CoinDesk to stay updated with industry news and updates.

The best part about CoinDesk is that it has a team of crypto journalists who report on the most recent news. Plus, CoinDesk indices, and CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) are considered benchmarks for global Bitcoin transactions.

Topics Covered: News, Events and Media on Crypto Assets and Blockchain Technology

#4 Crypto Briefing

If you were around when Crypto Briefing was founded, you may know that it started with the goal of highlighting the true crypto builders and filtering out the scammers. So right off the bat, the purpose of the platform is on point. But years on, Crypto Briefing has now become a credible resource for knowledge and news in the field of cryptocurrencies.

The blog stands out from others in terms of its design, content flow, and quality. Crypto Briefing also has a research methodology — SIMETRI Research that aids investors in making profitable crypto investment decisions.

Topics Covered: News and updates on all things crypto

#5 Ethereum Foundation Blog

Ethereum is undoubtedly one of the most renowned names in the field of cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin, it is the most sought after cryptocurrency worldwide. With that in mind, the resources and blogs published are nothing less than educational and loaded with information.

Then, there is the additional benefit of a spectacular interface resembling a publication that is quite future-oriented. And yes, the blog offers highly analytical insights on the latest happenings in the industry.

Topics covered: Everything about Ethereum, news and updates on the crypto field

#6 CryptoPotato

To start with, you should probably know that though CryptoPotato is mentioned on this list, the platform has a lot of features for investors and enthusiasts alike. CryptoPotato publishes the most recent news and updates of everything going on in the field of crypto. You can find all the information related to Bitcoin, Altcoins and even crypto trading.

CryptoPotato offers much more than just informational content. It offers useful insights and analysis on the performance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Readers can also carry out crypto transactions on the platform that the company implements in collaboration with Binance.

Topics Covered: News and market updates about the crypto field

#7 Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the oldest resources in the field of cryptocurrencies. It was established in 2012 — much before cryptocurrency became mainstream as we see it today. The website offers insights into the latest updates and events on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The publication holds a lot of credibility considering the magazine is owned by BTC Media LLC. The high quality of design and content is the perfect icing on the cake.

Topics Covered: News, updates and educational material about cryptocurrencies and blockchain

#8 AMBCrypto

If you already have decent know-how of how the field of cryptocurrency works, and are looking for a resource that will deliver the latest industry news, then AMBCrypto is your best bet. Not only can you stay updated about all things crypto, but some articles also have detailed analyses on the subject.

What’s more, AMBCrypto is owned by Coinbase, a highly regarded cryptocurrency exchange that also offers a lot of interesting resources for crypto enthusiasts. Of course, it is one of the most preferred exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Topics Covered: Latest news from the field of cryptocurrency and related updates

#9 CryptoNinjas

CryptoNinjas is the perfect example of an informative blog that focuses solely on publishing content related to the cryptocurrency field. The website is easy to navigate and has a simple and minimal design, supporting high-quality content. CryptoNinjas also covers the latest news from the industry news and reports them along with analytical insights.

If you want to subscribe to a blog only to stay abreast with the most recent trends and industry insights, CryptoNinjas is a great option to consider.

Topics Covered: News and Information related to the cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain and technology

#10 Bitcoin News

If your first introduction to the field of cryptocurrency was the word — “Bitcoin”, you are not alone. Most people get into the industry after hearing the glorious success stories of Bitcoin, more than any other cryptocurrency. With that in focus, is a website that publishes everything related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The website reports the latest news about Bitcoin and posts updates on the recent trends, forecasts and analyses related to the cryptocurrency. You can also actively engage with the global community with Bitcoin Forum.

Topics Covered: News and Updates related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

#11 Blockonomi

Blockonomi is one of the most reputed blogs in the global crypto community — and for good reason. The blog is targeted at reporting the latest news, trends, tutorials and reviews related to the industry. What’s even more important is Blockonomi’s goal — posting unbiased news and updates relevant to the crypto community.

If you want to subscribe to one blog that gives you detailed insights about the performance of cryptocurrencies, related news, and guidance on investing in them, then Blockonomi is the ideal option to consider.

Topics Covered: News and updates related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and fintech

#12 CoinSpeaker

CoinSpeaker is a highly reputed blog that has risen to prominence in recent years. But in the short span of time that it has been around, it has established itself as a credible source for all things crypto.

Right from the latest performance of all cryptocurrencies to detailed guides on navigating the crypto investments and Defi, CoinSpeaker has something for everyone. The clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate, making it the ideal industry resource.

Topics Covered: News and blogs related to cryptocurrencies, payments, blockchain, FinTech, and Commerce

Final Remarks

When you are dabbling in the ever-evolving field of cryptocurrency, staying updated with the recent trends and news will prove to be a lifesaver. It will not just inform and help you make better decisions, it will also give you a better understanding of the industry. Following some of the blogs on this list, will help you keep up with all things crypto and more.

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Harsh Agrawal, Founder, CoinSutra

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