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Our site, ( is a digital media platform that covers all things tech.

We publish news, analyses, op-eds and articles across a broad spectrum of topics, primarily in the areas of privacy, decentralization, cryptocurrency and the blockchain but also touching on the Internet of Things and other next-generation technologies.

Whilst eliciting content from our readership, we have a small but dedicated team of in-house writers and also publish regular updates from various news feeds and media agencies.

We welcome original content and seek ideas and opinions that are creative, authentic, different and intriguing.

We believe in the basic human right of being able to live the life we choose to lead; to be free from intrusion, control and interference by the ‘state’ and major corporations; and to the integrity of our personal data and dignity.

We believe we owe it to future generations to hand on a safe and clean world to them and we invite you to join us.

And remember...the future won’t be centralized so join the wave!