We've all seen them, 'Buy these 10 coins this month', 'How I make X amount with my passive crypto income strategy' etc and many of us have found ourselves wasting our time reading them only to realize it was, indeed, a waste of time. Worse than that is that some people may get suckered in by what is written...so it was refreshing to find that we're not alone as you will see with this article by Alex Bentley.

How I Make $142,798 A Month From Creating Crypto Out of Thin Air

I’m not gonna lie. It wasn’t easy.

But if I figured if anyone could do it, then I could.

So I got to work, researching until my eyes were bloodshot. And my dad was complaining I wasn’t doing my chores around the house.

But after two weeks, I finally stumbled onto a secret.

A secret that no one is talking about in the crypto community.

Heck, I don’t even think my billionaire buddies, Elon Musk or CZ know it.

And if they do, they’ve never shared it with me while we partied on their ape-shaped yachts at sea.

So, what’s the amazing secret?

Here it is:

You can make real passive income from crypto.

It’s true! All you need to do is set up a crypto wallet and start collecting money. Then, every month, you just sit back and watch the money roll in.

I’m not talking about a few bucks here and there.

I’m talking about a passive income of $142,798 or more a month. And by the size of my bank account, that’s at least $1,716,000 per year.

That’s right. I’m making more money while I sleep than most people do working a full-time, dead-end job. I even make money while sitting on the toilet—my porcelain throne—watching TikTok videos.

And the best part is, it’s all thanks to crypto and the blockchain.

So how do you get started?

It’s quite simple.

1. Create a New Crypto Token

First, you must launch a new crypto token — sometimes called altcoins — on your favorite blockchain.

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for deploying this sneaky strategy. And here’s why.

Because there are millions of suckers looking for the next big altcoin. Especially on Ethereum. And if you’re smart like me, you can cash in on their desperation and need to get rich quick.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is another good choice.

Not matter which blockchain you choose, the strategy is the same.

2. Create a Fake Roadmap

I don’t know why it is, but crypto investors like to see a white paper or a roadmap for a new cryptocurrency projects.

That’s why I always create a fake roadmap catered to one thing. To an investor’s inherent greed.

Here’s an example of one I used recently:


Everybody is driven by greed.

That’s why we created The Greed Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the Greed Token?

Our token is in the hands of a fully reliable and experienced team.

If you can win the Game of Greed — coming soon — you can win the big $ETH prize stashed away in the vault. You have a greater chance of winning the random daily draw with every $GREED token you buy.

You also get a free bonus entry every time you promote the token on social media (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok). Which means you can earn unlimited bonus entries.

Future Development

- Launch game interface with leaderboard
- Full security audit by the industry’s leading experts
- Online advertising, celebrity endorsements and social media influencers
- Launch native Staking option to earn up to 81,454% APY

All you have to do is connect your Ethereum wallet and swap your $ETH for $GREED. It’s that simple!

Good luck and let the best wallet win!

I can’t believe how dumb some investors are. Because they eat this stuff up.

A new promising altcoin with no real-world utility. But as long as I have a solid roadmap, they don’t care.

3. Promote Your Brand New Altcoin

After setting up your token through a smart contract and releasing the website and roadmap, you need to promote it.

For this part, I barely need to lift a finger.

I just outsource the work and pay some virtual assistants below minimum wage. They do all the hard work, like shilling my new altcoin on social media, Discord and Reddit. And every day, like clockwork, my virtual assistants report back to me about their progress.

The amazing thing is that the VAs are collecting emails from interested investors. So all I have to do is have my VAs spam those people on email and tell them how my altcoin is going to the moon.

Desperate investors are always willing to put reason aside if it means they can make a colossal sum of cash in a short span of time.

4. Launch Your ICO

After there’s enough interest in my new altcoin, I pull the trigger and put all the tokens on to the blockchain.

In the crypto community, this is called an ICO or Initial Coin Offering.

But before I ever launch the ICO, I buy up a bunch of the first coins with ETH.

Yes, I use real crypto to buy my tokens. It’s the only investment I have to make.

Besides promoting the token, this is probably the most critical step. Because this is how I make passive income.

Project after project. Month after month.

Without fail.

I then hold on to those first coins. Usually millions of them. And I wait for the perfect moment to execute the final step in the plan.

5. Cash In and Get Out

The next step is the easiest and second most crucial step.

As the popularity of my altcoin project shoots for the moon, with more and more investors buying up the virtual tokens, I monitor their excitement on social media and trading volume in the crypto market.

This part I don’t outsource to anyone.

When the token is near its highest market price, I pull out. Selling the millions of tokens stashed in my wallet, timing it at the height of the pump.

Instantly, the tokens are converted into ETH.

Then, so no one will ever catch me—and they never do—I use a coin tumbler to send my new ETH to hundreds of wallets, splitting it up into small amounts.

Eventually, I transfer the ETH to a single wallet onto a centralized exchange and immediately trade ETH for USD.

Later, I happily transfer the bulk sum into my bank account.

And join my billionaire buddies at an island resort.

Final Thoughts

You can get rich this way too.

All you have to do is prey on greedy investors like me and make them believe with no doubt that your brand new altcoin is going to the moon.

But it won’t make them rich.

Because what you’re planning to do all along is a massive rug pull.


If you didn’t realize it already, this story is a joke, fictional and purely for entertainment purposes only. Please don’t take it seriously. Also, don’t consider it financial or legal advice; because it’s not.

Well played, sir!

Article originally posted here: https://medium.com/crypto-unchained/how-i-make-142-798-a-month-from-crypto-5475b79527a8

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