Are you someone who likes to track your reading? If so, then GoodReads may come to mind. However, GoodReads is an Amazon company and tracks a little too much for my liking.

Plus, if you follow, you'll know we love Mastodon and that is where Bookwyrm comes in. It is basically the same concept as GoodReads, but is powered by ActivityPub, just like Mastodon.

You can track your reading, chat and comment about books, engage with others, discover new books and set goals on how many books you plan to read.

Book recommendations will not be made by an Amazon aphorism, but by actual people instead.

The best part is that Bookwyrm is decentralized, friendly and 100% anti-corporate.

It's Federated, which means you can self-host it or join any of the instances that are up, but remain connected with any other instance - just like Mastodon ;)

The open-source code is posted here on GitHub.

And since you are not an Amazon user, you can always get your free e-books on z-lib, which is the largest free book library on the internet and has been operating since 2009 and even supports Tor.

There aren't many books you can't find on z-lib, it has you covered for almost everything. From James Patterson, to Steven King, or perhaps a book about Bitcoin, The Truth Machine or The Age of Cryptocurrency?

And, of course, one of the best aspects is that you can read your books on any e-book reader or even on a Kindle ;)

Reading is beautiful, and we strongly recommend being able to do it in a privacy-friendly, non-Amazon and anti-corporate fashion.

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