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Bitcoin 2011 privacy coins 2013. Advocate for P2P decentralized networks! Fight Orwellian style state surveillance and censorship! Blockchain the most powerful invention since the printing press.

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ICYMI: The Tor Enigma

This week marks a significant milestone in the history of as we expand into the onion! Yes, we are officially 'unofficial' and alive & kicking on the internet's largest privacy network, courtesy of TOR and the .onion. So, it seemed highly appropriate to rerun a recent article in our...


Problem . Action . Solution .

It could be said that great shifts require greater upheavals to propagate. And it is true chaos precedes change and that change is a double edge sword with every solution giving birth to a new problem. You discover fire which gives you warmth and with it comes the smelting of...


Order or oppression?

As close to 100 Anti-Government Protesters take shelter within  the grounds of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a cat and mouse style  tactic, police play a sick "Waiting Game" In an attempt to almost  starve out student protesters from campus grounds as the stand-off  reaches almost a week in length...


Revolution or revelations?

Most things in life start with good intentions, Some would say the road to hell is paved with them! From  the “Splitting of the Atom” on December 17th 1938 to the invention of  the “Magnavox” in 1915, one only needs look to the past for the  confirmation that all things...


The emerging divide

Was I shocked when I saw in the news that former chairman of the Peoples  Bank of China for almost 2 decades made a statement claiming Facebook's  Zuckerberg backed "Blockchain" project Libra would, and I quote. "Work better under IMF Custody" Not at all. As policy makers In the EU...

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