Vince Tabora

Principal Engineer @ Quadchain Solutions Focused on fintech and blockchain solutions for business and non-profit agencies.

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Vince Tabora

The Use Case For Enterprise Blockchains Is Not For Incentives

Most use cases for blockchains have been about incentivizing participation i.e. rewards. You see this in Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and in staking systems like in EOS, Tezos and Tron. Nodes contribute resources to help secure and validate transactions to produce blocks. In mainstream business applications this is...

Vince Tabora

Decentralized Fact Checking For Social Media Platforms

US president Donald Trump’s war with social media platform Twitter has become a war on censorship. Trump has threatened to shut down the platform after it fact checked his recent tweets. He is not supposed to be able to do that because Twitter is a legitimate business and if...

Vince Tabora

Fear And Greed Also Drives Cryptocurrency Markets

Stock market investors have what is called a Fear and Greed Index that gauges the performance of stocks in the market. The underlying principles are that fear leads to panic selling and greed leads to massive accumulation of stocks. If you are a cryptocurrency investor then that probably sounds very...

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