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0/ Podcasts and blogs are great for understanding Bitcoin, but for those that prefer video - here are some of the most helpful interviews, presentations and lectures from the last decade.

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1/ From 2013, here’s @naval, @balajis, @winklevoss and @tylerwinklevoss at TechCrunch Disrupt.   Naval: 'If you were in '95 and you don’t understand how TCP/IP worked or how the world web was going to work, you were really missing out. Take the time.'

2/ ‘Introduction to Bitcoin’ (2016) by @aantonop ‘In the history of money, that now spans 10,000’s of years, there have been, maybe, five major changes.’

3/ Prof @saifedean speaking at @ValueofBitcoin 2019   “Bitcoin is the hardest money we’ve ever had. Supply is completely unresponsive to allows you to store your wealth in something that cannot be inflated by producers.”

4/ ‘50 Positive Catalysts for Bitcoin’ by @MustStopMurad from @hodlhodl Baltic Honeybadger 2019  'Internet and smartphones are very important for bitcoin, and penetration continues to grow steadily.'

6/ Michael Goldstein @bitstien at BitBlockBoom 2019 w/ The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric  “How do you get complex ideas into three words?”

7/ @nwoodfine of @Blockstream presenting ‘Who Needs the Internet Anyway?’ (Zurich, 2019)  ‘People in developing economies also need to use bitcoin and often don’t have great internet connections.’

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