As a long-time internet user (I've had access since I was four years old and today I am over 30), I have seen, with my own eyes, how that technology has evolved in all aspects - positive and negative - changing the way we do business, communicate and, also, love.

What took me hours to download with my first internet connection (54 Kbps), today takes a few seconds, simplifying my tasks.

Today I am very concerned about what has been uncovered in the United States Senate in reference to Big Tech companies (Google, Twitter and Facebook). The centralization of data and the exchange of private information of users, among them, is no longer a matter of fiction.

Many Internet users are aware that such companies spy on us to sell us segmented advertising, what was not known or clear is that between such companies collaborates with ‘signals’ or sensitive user data to consolidate a great editorial line that not only affects free speech, but also the most sacred and the only thing we have of our own: our privacy.

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Subtitulada, la comparecencia de Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) y Jack Dorsey (Twitter) ante el Senado de los Estados Unidos. Activar nuestros subtítulos en espa...

Facebook has been discovered with the use of centralized software to collect and share data with the other companies (Google and Twitter).

🇺🇸 El Senador Josh Hawley destroza a Mark Zuckerberg en el Senado [subtítulos]
Subtitulada, la comparecencia de Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) y Jack Dorsey (Twitter) ante el Senado de los Estados Unidos. Activar nuestros subtítulos en espa...

That software is called Sentra and it was revealed by a former employee (whistleblower) of that firm to the US Senate, who questioned Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Dorsey (Twitter) a couple of days ago, seeking details about it and making them confess, under oath, to both two Big Tech moguls in reference to such an exchange of information, which although it is true they claim to do so ‘to maintain the security of the platform’, we have seen in recent days how such exchange of information has been used to censor, in time real and on all the platforms in question, political content that could incriminate themselves. If they had the grace to censure the President of the free world, what will be left for the rest of the mortals?

This is very serious, because not only is information censored (violating the First Amendment of the Constitution of the USA in reference to free speech), but the privacy of all users of such platforms is also violated. The use of a centralized information exchange system between large media platforms is the closest thing I have seen, in recent months, to "Big Brother" from George Orwell's famous dystopian fiction book: 1984, where there is a great power that sees and manages everything. I leave it to the discretion of the reader, don't Big Tech look like "Big Brother"?

Just imagine the amount of information that these companies - which today are the most profitable on the planet - might share with extremist and tyrannical governments in exchange for money. It is good to be suspicious given the success such technologies have had and the evidence that is emerging with the "swamp drain", which every day shows us new monsters, and that we never imagined would be part of the current great global conspiracy to change the order of the world.

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