The one thing that  makes bitcoin really stand out is the fact that it is decentralized.  Decentralization moves power away from the few and redistributes it  amongst the many. When it comes to bitcoin nobody is actually in charge  and running the show but a peer to peer group consensus allows it to  function.

Whilst bitcoin enjoys very low transaction fees,  costs for those miners determining the consensus can be comparatively  high. These costs must be minimized for the decentralized system to  remain competitive. The decentralized nature of the system allows  payments to flow freely without outside interference such as government  or regulatory intervention that one often sees in a centralized system. Funds cannot be released to third parties unlike in a centralized  system.

Bitcoin in its decentralized form displays an amazing  resistance to attack. There is no single point where it can be shut  down; only the impossible scenario of every node being neutralized could  put it out of action.

Bitcoin is not just a means of transferring  value, but represents a shift towards decentralization in society in  general. Bitcoin has allowed us to release ourselves from the grasp of  corrupt government bodies and controlling central banks. Bitcoin is  leading the way to show decentralized solutions to the centralized problems of today.

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