BlockShow Asia 2019,  powered by Cointelegraph, is coming back for the third time to  Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands, which will host a Festival of  Decentralized Technology from Nov. 14–15.

The Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in  partnership with the Association of Banks in Singapore and in  collaboration with SingEx. Blockshow is a supporting organization of SFF  held during SFF x SWITCH. SFF will be held between Nov. 11-15.  Highlighted activities include the largest Bitcoin-focused meetup in  Singapore, Day 0 workshops targeted at mentoring blockchain startups,  and a dedicated BlockShow Medialogue session.

BlockShow is also partnering with industry frontrunners such as Blockstream, Changelly, NEO, Lisk and others to bring an interactive and informative format to BlockShow  Asia 2019. The refreshed format of the two-day event will consist of 10  conferences on themes including development, investments, trading,  marketing and PR, as well as privacy and security.

Speakers include Sopnendu Mohanty, Thomas Lee, Justin Sun, Charlie Shrem, Ted Lin, Da Hongfei and many others.

Bitcoiner#1 Bitcoin meetup

Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency, and its appeal is  continues to grow. In order to expound and proliferate the usage of  Bitcoin, a BTC Meetup called "Bitcoiner#1"  is planned for BlockShow Asia 2019. The goal of Bitcoiner#1 — which is  held in collaboration with Blockstream — is to disseminate information  on the development surrounding Bitcoin, with up to 500 participants  expected to attend. Blockstream is also a leading provider of both  open-source and commercial Bitcoin technologies. Both early adopters and  new believers will benefit by attending, hearing renowned Bitcoin  supporters and contributors share their latest insights as well as  learning about Bitcoin's development. The event will be held on Nov. 16,  2019 and the entrance fee is a mere 1 Satoshi.


The Medialogue: Bringing together journalists and PR agencies

The invitation-only "Medialogue" on Nov. 13 will bring together top media and public relations agencies. The event is a gathering of  100 people in both the media and PR industries, allowing them to  network, and will bear witness to lively debates on a wide range of  topics surrounding the crypto media industry.

The agenda will span topics ranging from how best to communicate with  anonymous sources to ethical concerns on groundbreaking stories and  their impact on the market. Fact-checking, weeding out scams and  establishing criteria for news stories in a dynamic market will also be  discussed.

Addy Creeze, founder and CEO of BlockShow, said:

"Events are important and Medialogue is a great step for all  journalists interested in the decentralized tech space to gather  together and make a step forward. There are lots of things to discuss  and share, that's a totally new field for the media."

A master class on the future of digital money

Antonio Fatas,  professor of economics, the Portuguese Council chaired professor of  European studies at INSEAD, will conduct "Master Class: The Future of  Digital Money" at the INSEAD Asia Campus on Nov. 13. After the  announcement of Libra,  there has been a renewed focus on digital money and its implications,  as well as its role in the traditional economy. This one-off master  class, which is being organized in conjunction with BlockShow, will  examine the future of digital currencies as well as the role of central  banks and regulators in evolving payment systems and financial markets.

Other exciting and informative events have also been scheduled — with  further announcements to come. Promotional tickets are on sale now for  the next two weeks. We hope to see you there!

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