In case you missed them, in this, the second part of our review on and around everything Bitcoin, we are serving you up a seasonal sackful of Bitcoin bits and pieces including a free pass to the movies!

Following on from the 2010 movie around self-discovery, 'Eat, Pray, Love', three word slogans roared back into public view big scale during 2020 with a plethora of examples employed to extol the virtues of social behavior to combat the covid-19 pandemic ( mask - distance - hands ) we decided to bring you our own in READ - WATCH - LISTEN. start we have Attorney Rafael Padila putting the case for the adoption of Bitcoin as a central banking reserve currency.

Counterweight: The Case for Bitcoin as Central Bank Reserve Asset by Atty. Rafael Padilla
Rafael proposes that bitcoin, a new asset class, should be considered as a strategic reserve asset that can function as systemic hedge that will help maintain financial stability amid the economic havoc that is COVID-19 Pandemic, and to insulate the domestic financial system from the vulnerabilities…

WATCH...this 2014 American documentary film, directed by Nicholas Mross, features  interviews with multiple companies and individuals that have played significant roles in the expansion of Bitcoin. Still highly relevant!

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer monetary system in which all transaction records are public. Participants can use its open-source software to transfer virtual currency to one another as easily as they might send an email. Bitcoin opens an uncharted world of new possibilities to explore. We’ll follow the s…

LISTEN DT's own Miguel Cuneta in his recent interview on ANC News in the Philippines on all things crypto.

Analyst: Bitcoin needs to grow 2-3x more to be significant in financial markets | ANC
Market Edge: Satoshi Citadel co-founder Miguel Cuneta says cryptocurrency Bitcoin needs to grow two to three times more its current value for it to be notice...


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