Press Release - BlockShow has announced that they will place Gabriel Yang as their new Head of Asia amidst the buildup of momentum for BlockShow  Asia 2019, which has been dubbed as the Festival of Decentralized  Technology. The mega conference will be held in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands hotel between November 14-15, 2019. He is the former Chief Operations  Officer of Beyond Blocks, a leading platform that connects global  blockchain industry leaders and communities. His strong background in  events management can be gauged from the fact that Beyond Blocks ran  successful Blockchain events were held in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul and  Tokyo and attracted over 6000 attendees.

Addy Crezee, BlockShow's founder, welcomed Yang to the team:

"Gabriel  is a proved professional with 12 years of experience in the event  space. Moreover, he has successfully organized blockchain conferences in  the past which is crucial in our industry, as not that many people have  relevant experience and network in the space. I'm happy to welcome  Gabriel who will oversee and improve the Asian presence of BlockShow."

Gabriel is best known as a specialist in events and media industries  and has focussed his efforts on growth of tech focussed businesses in  Asia. His pan-Asian experience spans nearly a decade spent working  across cultures and diverse business environments in Singapore, Bangkok,  Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Gabriel Yang commented on his appointment as Head of Asia for BlockShow:

"I'm  excited to be part of BlockShow even though this was very unexpected on  all parts. As one of the driving forces behind beyond blocks  previously, I'd never imagine this day would be possible. But  Compliments to Addy for reaching out and taking a shot in the dark. His  sincerity gave me reason to believe blockchain events aren't dead and we  can potentially do something great together with the team. Im focused  now in giving BlockShow an edge in the industry and am sure my  experience will add much value."

The appointment of Gabriel comes at a crucial time for BlockShow,  especially since the present iteration of this Blockchain Festival has a  special focus on media. BlockShow Asia 2019's Medialogue, for example  would bring together 100 media and PR persons for best of debates,  discussions and networking opportunities. As Bitcoin enters into its  first decade of existence, there is an increased impetus on providing  fair, balanced and accurate coverage of events surrounding the decentralized industry.

Promotional tickets are now on sale for BlockShow Asia 2019.








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