We have decided to go  ahead with our blog, Decentralize Today. It will deliver the latest  news when it comes to decentralization. Ironically, we are launching a website about decentralization which at the same time has a centralized  domain name (moving slowly to medium). Anyway, we will find a more  decentralized solution as the blog goes on but for now this is what we  have. So, who are we? We are a bunch of nerds who like to try new  things. Nerds who have nothing better to do than to look at news around  the web and try new applications. The applications which we prefer to  look at are those involving decentralization. You will see a pattern  forming here as we use the word "decentralization" quite often. For us,  it means nothing more than removing the middleman. Think of a world  without a government authority. Payments without a middleman who, for  instance, can approve or reject where you use your credit card. Without a  bank which approves if it is ok to withdraw your hard earned money, or a  bank which arbitrarily reports you for "money laundering". If they can  play with or hold your money, they will do it.

Banking was  once a simple solution but has now become more difficult over the last  couple of years. Or does it just appear to be more difficult? Maybe  politicians and governments have figured out how to delay the new  financial crisis by manipulating the banking system.

But for those  who believe in a decentralized solution, banking has indeed become easier. Think of Bitcoin, the first fully decentralized financial  application. There is no one who needs to approve a transaction or who  is able to hold your cash. This sounds like the right way of banking. If  you have never heard of Bitcoin, then you are on the right blog. We  will cover the latest stories around this decentralized cryptocurrency.  Decentralize Today, however, is not interested in becoming the next blog  reporting on how the price of Bitcoin just went up or down 5%. We are nerds and nerds look at the source.

Don't misunderstand us; there  are plenty of Bitcoin-related blogs and they are doing a fine job. At  Decentralize Today we try to look into the community, the source codes,  reviewing the latest innovations and looking at new solutions. We will  try to find the next big thing on the blockchain. The next Bitcoin, or  the next decentralized Silk Road or an eBay which is decentralized. We  will try to find a replacement of your password manager, fully  decentralized. The next decentralized sports betting, casino or other  gambling application. In fact, we know that all of these solutions are  already in the making. If it is decentralized we will cover it.

At Decentralize Today, we will also review the altcoins and give an  unbiased opinion as to which are pump and dump scams and which are the  ones to watch or invest in. We will talk about the fastest coins when it  comes to transaction speed and about those which offer greater  anonymity to the user. We will also review the businesses connected to  the various altcoins and all other relevant issues. Businesses which are  interacting in a decentralized space will be reviewed first. Examples  would be the password managers and companies which operate on the  blockchain.

We will be mindful of "Johnston's Law" from Mastercoin's David Johnston: "EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE DECENTRALIZED WILL BE DECENTRALIZED"

Our goal is to find new ways to replace the middleman, with a simple, open source fully decentralized solution.

In order to bring our readers as much information as possible, we will be republishing relevant articles about decentralization from other sites.

This is just the first post. Let us all become decentralized today!