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The world is in turmoil...

The health system is stressed to breaking as a consequence of the ravages of the coronavirus, people are dying in the tens of thousands and losing their access to gainful employment in their millions, civil compliance is being challenged, governments are crippled by debt and corrupt and/or incompetent leadership and a new world order looks likely to emerge.

It has been apparent for a while that things weren't going well, it was always likely that they would get worse before getting better and now the short, sharp shock of this sickness appears to be forcing us towards this realignment.

But don't be fooled, let's not kid ourselves, this isn't all new. In recent years we've been facing up to the challenges of climate change, raging nationalism and the resultant xenophobia and trade wars, increasing levels of information manipulation and state surveillance...the current crisis has just bought all of this in to sharper relief.

So where do we go from here and what can you do?

Our site, (, is a digital media platform that publishes news, analyses, op-eds and articles across a broad spectrum of topics, primarily in the areas of privacy, decentralization, cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

We believe in the basic human right of being able to live the lives that we choose to lead; to be free from intrusion, control and interference by the ‘state’ and major corporations; and to the integrity of our personal data and dignity.

We want you to write for us and explain where you want the world to go and why and how!

Writers wanted!

We offer exposure to our regular (and expanding) readership of over 15,000 people from around the world with articles being pushed out through our extensive social media channels and messaging groups.

We make the submission process as simple (and anonymous, if desired) as possible and offer two options:

Option one - writing under your own name

This requires you to become a registered writer where all you need to do is contact us via an email or a Telegram, Riot or Threema message (head to the main site and see the Write for us page) and include an email link. Following receipt of the request, we will forward an invite and you can sign up.

It does not require you to provide your identity (unless you so chose to do so) and it is completely secure as we do not collect or store any IP data within our system.

Option two - posting anonymously

This option requires next to nothing! Drop us an email, Telegram, Riot or Threema message with your article in plain text and we'll publish it for you. We’re more than happy to receive your email with PGP encryption applied!

Whistleblowers welcome!

New Editing Capabilities

As a registered writer, we will provide you with access to the Ghost editor app, one of the most powerful & versatile open source publishing platforms around and you'll be able to select from the three app options: Linux, Mac or Windows.

PLUS: We promote your content!

You write, we promote!

After review by the editorial team to ensure compliance with our terms and the optimization of the submission we will post on our front page and also through our extensive social networking channels and messaging groups.

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Come and join us, share your vision - your daily dose of decentralization

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