The Philippines has a large and vibrant community of crypto & fintech enthusiasts.

It's population of tech savvy, internationally minded and inquisitive young  people combined with limited access to traditional banking and a  reliance on remittance based cash management services has made it a  regional leader in moves towards greater financial inclusivity.

Sadly, it is also a country cursed with more than it's fair share of natural  disasters as seen less than two weeks ago when the residents on the shores of Taal lake which straddles the provincial border between Cavite and Batangas to the south of the capital, Manila, had their Sunday  afternoon rudely interrupted by an eruption of the lake's small but  dangerous volcano.

Since that time over 200,000  people have been evacuated and resettled either with family &  friends or at government run centers. With the threat level remaining at  4 (on a scale of 1-5) there is little prospect of these people being allowed to return home anytime soon and a very real danger of further eruptions and more disruption.

Many members of  the crypto comminity in the Philippines and further afield have friends,  family and colleagues impacted by this disaster and that includes  readers and contributors to

So we are happy to be able to help out by posting this appeal being  managed by the Fintech Alliance and the Philippines Disaster Relief Fund  (PDRF) for donations to be spent on assistance for the affected  individuals.

All major payment companies have  come together to collect donations for the evacuees and they have  included a bitcoin option to broaden accessibility and to provide  privacy for those that want it.

Attached below is  the poster displaying all relevant details for you to make a donation,  every little helps for people who have very little.

Thank you

Team DT

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