Novel Epidemic makes life worsen, after the epidemic, the current needs of the life required a lot more money, everyone wants to make the fortune, before epidemic you can make a fortune with real estate and live with the normal standard of living, the economy is still in plummeting status but is there a way to make life upstream? You don't want to insist on going bankrupt in the future months, just as everyone knows that there is water in cryptocurrencies which they are scrambling to buy, because everyone wants to get rich, and always believe that they are smart and will not be the last.

My sister-in-law was used to running her small restaurant, her income is linked to daily visitors because of the epidemic her restaurant was forced to close, after the closure her family was under great pressure. Her family went to charity places every week to buy and drink at a discount, however, pay taxes honestly and live a solid life, people who run such restaurants get up early in the morning and greedy in the dark, the wealth distribution of society has been seriously unfair, the Internet has increased the anxiety of the poor people because they watch and listen to others and understand that too many rich people’s spent a lot of money in nightclubs and other life fantasies.

People’s desires have been infinitely magnified due to the epidemic upheaval, everyone has a hidden wish in their hearts to become rich overnight, but the fact is that most people are highly weak even they can't find a decent job, but you can make money by speculating on cryptocurrencies. You didn’t dare how others made money, but you could constantly posting your ideas and to be sure that when you start to speculate on cryptocurrencies others would laugh out loud, maybe their reaction is just like that

“You said this thing was totally unreliable and how you showed such foresight”.

Speculation is always better than sitting back and do nothing, you do not require more diligence when speculating on cryptocurrencies, it is evident that working on speculation not only give you decent money but also you can support your families, there are more people who face high housing rents and aging parents, and works hard every day, with epidemic and plummeting economy how one could maintain the normal standard of life. You can open again a small restaurant or a small clothing store but you need enough capital to start again and remember that after opening businesses you have to pay back in the future in case of failure you will be bankrupt and that is the big disaster after the epidemic.

There are so many people who are living diligently wake early and sleep late, speculation makes you earned ten years of income in a single year, you need to balance your creative ideas in their minds more importantly you have to surpass their cognition level, participate in daily discussion and forcibly invite others for participations, people are confused over the crypto essentials and trap on the avalanches of bear and bull, but you must assume that the current crypto circle does not collapse, how long it last it depends on the dynamics of the world economy.

Written by:

Sajjad Hussain

Digital Nomad

Crypto Pundit

Cryptocurrencies ups and down and the details you need for your next move

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