Bitcoin (BTC) remains strong as it reached new record during the holiday weekend, with price reaching a new ATH around 28,000 and is currently hovering around 26,700. The bull run is likely to continue toward the end of 2020 and could set a bigger stage for 2021 as price structure and market sentiment is still strong with just a few days before New Year's Eve. Current immediate levels are around 25,600 - 24,500 (10-EMA trail) for support, while resistance was established at around 28,000. Price may consolidate and rest before confirming another breakout. Otherwise, failure to hold immediate support could bring price to test levels around 22,500.

Global market cap is at $723B, while BTC's market cap is at $496B.

Binance enables SegWit support for Bitcoin deposits as adoption grows
Binance becomes the latest cryptocurrency exchange to enable SegWit deposits for Bitcoin.

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has enabled Segregated Witness, or SegWit, support for Bitcoin (BTC) deposits and withdrawals. Binance users can now transfer funds to a SegWit (bech32) address by selecting the 'SegWit' Network when depositing or withdrawing funds. The exchange explained that choosing SegWit should help in reducing transaction fees; however, sending incompatible assets to the address will result in permanent loss of funds.

SegWit is known for the way it stores data on the blockchain. This network allows more transactions to be stored in a single block resulting to an increase in transaction capacity, according to Cointelegraph.

Amid inflation woes, Turkey announces CBDC tests planned for 2021
Long considered a hotbed for cryptocurrency adoption, Turkey’s central bank governor is now moving forward with tests on a CBDC in 2021

Turkey's Parliament central bank governor Naci Agbal has revealed that "conceptual" research has been completed on a Turkish central bank digital currency (CBDC), and practical tests for the digital Lira would begin in the latter half of 2021. While a surprise to some, Turkey has actually been researching a possible CBDC since mid-2019 - and a 2021 rollout would actually be a delay, since in November 2019 president Recep Erdogan announced that tests for a digital Lira system would be complete by the end of 2020.

Turkey has been struggling with soaring consumer prices and an inflation rate in the double digits.

Binance Korea to shut down exchange due to low trading volume
Binance KR crypto exchange will shut down early next year due to low trading volume.

Less than a year after its launch, Binance Korea haas decided to close its doors and shut its operations. As part of the press statement, Binance KR attributed the move to declining liquidity and low trading volume of its BKRW trading pairs. BKRW is a stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the Korean Won used for crypto-to-crypto trading and settlement on the platform.

The halting of trading services is scheduled for Jan. 10, 2021, with a hard shutdown on the platform and delisting of all BKRW trading pairs expected to happen on Jan. 29. 2021. Binance only announced that launch of Binance Korea back in March.

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