After showing signs of continuing strength during trading the day before, BTC/USD abruptly headed north, reaching a new peak of $37,800. By Thursday, a subsequent retracement had sent the pair focus on the $37,000 mark, with Bitcoin still within 10% of hitting $40,000. According to the latest updates for order books, significant resistance lay in wait at $38,000, with more selling pressure beginning at $39,500. Support is around $31,000.

Researchers warn 3 apps have been stealing crypto undetected for a year
A sophisticated trojan has been emptying crypto wallets after fake apps were installed.

Cyber security researchers have discovered a year-long malware operation that has targeted cryptocurrency users with the creation of a number of fake apps.

Security firm Intezer Labs warned that ever increasing crypto prices have created heightened activity among hackers and malicious actors seeking financial gains. The malware has been disseminated over the past year, but was only discovered in December 2020. The new remote access trojan (RAT), dubbed ElectroRAT, has been used to empty the cryptocurrency wallets of thousands of Windows, macOS, and Linux users, the report added.

Rapper HiiiKey confirms YouTube channel hack, fake crypto giveaway steals $70K
An American rapper’s YouTube channel has reportedly been hacked to promote a fake ETH and BTC giveaway live stream that has over 56,000 viewers.

The young artist, Keyshawn Butler, confirmed on his Instagram page that his YouTube page had been hacked on 7 January, although he seemed unaware what the channel was being used for. HiiiKey’s channel has around 249,000 subscribers on YouTube.

American rapper HiiiKey’s YouTube channel has reportedly been hacked and used to promote a fake Bitcoin and Ethereum giveaway that has stolen over $70,000 from unwitting users. The stream has been active for over 7 hours and is still live as of press time.

Visa-backed Bitcoin startup to launch Lightning-based global payments app
Bitcoin startup Zap is getting into the remittances game with Strike Global, a Lightning-powered payments app.

Zap, a Lightning Network payments startup backed by Visa through its Fintech Fast Track program, announced on Jan. 6 the rollout of Strike Global, a payments and remittances app using the Bitcoin layer-two technology.

An announcement by CEO Jack Mallers goes in-depth into the differences between standard fiat transfer mechanisms and the Lightning-powered mechanism in Strike Global. Mallers focused on remittances, a multi-billion dollar business that is still largely passed through expensive middlemen.

Strike Global is not too unlike traditional fintech apps, but it uses the Lightning Network for settlement. This means that payments can be essentially instantaneous and at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment rails.

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