Bitcoin remains within range and is still hovering 6,800 - 6,900. If price manages to reclaim 7,000+ level, with the possibility of retesting resistance around 7,400 - 7,500 still in play. Otherwise, we get a test of the 6,500 support or a breakdown from this level, which could lead to price dropping down to 6,000 - 5,800 key support.

Global market cap is at $199B, while BTC's market cap is at $126B.

Ripple Files Lawsuit Against YouTube: “Enough Is Enough”
Ripple Labs and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse have filed a lawsuit against Youtube for its alleged complicity in a spate of repeated “XRP giveaway” scams.

Ripple filed a lawsuit against YouTube for allegedly failing to have control over "XRP giveaway" scams that are rampant on its platform. According to the suit, scammers have already defrauded "millions of XRP costing hundreds of thousands of dollars" from victims,  even an instance where a scammer received a transfer of XRP worth $15,000 from a victim. The scheme relies on hijacked accounts and intends to fool victims into believing that if they send XRP, they will receive a greater amount of XRP in return.

The suit aims to reach the federal court to compel YouTube to take down any alleged scams which use Ripple's registered trademarks to promote giveaways, to be more proactive in dealing with future alleged scams, to stop verifying any alleged scams, and for damages, restitution, costs and interest.

Dutch central bank makes case for own digital currency
The Dutch central bank (DNB) said on Tuesday it would like to experiment with a digital currency issued by itself and other European central banks, as the use of cash rapidly diminishes.

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) the Dutch central bank, said it was 'ready to play a leading role' with research and development of its own digital currency as well as a Europe-wide digital currency. In a 45-page report released by the bank, the move is partly in response to the decreasing use of paper money and coins in the Netherlands, with two thirds of all payments being digital.

In Possible Exit Scam, Chinese EOS Wallet Locks Up $52M of Customer Funds
Quite like cryptocurrency itself, crypto scams seem here to stay.

EOS Ecosystem, a Chinese EOS wallet app that attracts investors to deposit EOS with promised high returns, has reportedly shut down and possibly run away with around $52 million. According to a local investigation, the balance of one of the EOS accounts associated with EOS Ecosystem only had 500 EOS tokens left, with the account holder removing about 890,000 EOS tokens on Monday. After further investigation, it was found that one of the main accounts of the business received about 19.36 million EOS tokens from small accounts, which amounts to about $52 million.

The scam allegedly started with a team called "" - who claim to be part of the core team of Starteos, a Chinese crypto wallet based on the EOS network, in order to gain public trust.

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