Client malfunction brings down Ethereum’s most popular block explorer
OpenEthereum is suffering a consensus bug, making Etherscan temporarily unusable.

The OpenEthereum client for Ethereum, formerly known as the Parity client, is reportedly malfunctioning for a number of users on Thursday afternoon UTC, including the popular block explorer Etherscan. According to multiple user reports on GitHub, the OpenEthereum client has been stuck on block 12,244,294, or just 294 blocks after the Berlin hard fork was executed. The error message seems to indicate that the client is rejecting the new blocks, thinking that its state Merkle root is invalid.

The issue seems to be only affecting OpenEthereum nodes, with the more popular Geth functioning as normal. Issues with the OpenEthereum client resulted in an outage on Etherscan, the popular block explorer. Its homepage shows block 12,244,294 as the last block to be mined, even though other explorers are updating correctly.

It is still unclear what caused the issue, with the team currently working on diagnosing and fixing the problem. Until that happens, Etherscan will remain unusable.

Millions of Swedish savers have exposure to Bitcoin via state pension fund
Five million Swedish savers are each estimated to own roughly $0.71 in BTC at today’s market prices.

Almost 5 million Swedish savers have, largely without knowledge of it, indirect exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) via the default government alternative to private savings options on the country’s private pension market.According to local crypto site Trijo News, at least two companies in which the Swedish state pension fund AP7 Såfa owns shares have invested in Bitcoin.

Firstly, 0.09% of all shares in Tesla are owned by AP7 Såfa: The former is well-known for its high-profile purchase of 48,000 BTC worth in total around $3 billion at today’s prices. AP7 Såfa’s 5 million clients, thus, collectively own roughly 43 BTC, worth aroun $2.7 million. Calculated per saver, this works out at just $0.59 in Bitcoin (940 satoshis or one hundredth-million of 1 BTC) each.

AP7 Såfa also holds a little over 0.1% of all shares in Square, whose BTC holdings are somewhat more modest than Tesla’s. Calculated per AP7 Såfa client, Trijo reports that each owns roughly $0.12 in BTC (190 satoshis) via the fund’s shareholdings in Square.

Miami commissioner wants to let residents pay taxes in Bitcoin
A country commissioner wants to establish a task force to study the feasibility of crypto in various aspects of public administration.

A Miami-Dade County commissioner is backing a new resolution to allow residents to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to pay local taxes.

According to a Thursday document acquired by The Miami New Times, county commissioner Cohen Higgins has brought a resolution to Miami-Dade’s Infrastructure, Operations, and Innovations Committee, calling for the establishment of a 13-member crypto task force.

The task force would examine the feasibility of allowing residents to pay their county taxes, as well as for fees and services using digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). According to the document, crypto payments have the “potential to enhance convenience and save costs.”

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