BTC is looking to create a new range as intraday breakout pushes price to 7,900. In the daily, structure is still holding and possible resistance/retest remains at ~8,000. While immediate support in case a pull happens, is around  7,400-7,500. A break of the 8,000 level could be a catalyst for strength as we're nearing the BTC halving next month.

Global market cap is at $227B, while BTC's market cap is at $114B.

Millionaire Arrested for Wife’s Murder in $10M Monero Ransom Kidnap Case
Norwegian Police suspect millionaire Tom Hagen murdered his missing wife, which calls into question ‘$10M in Monero’ ransom note.

Norwegian millionaire Tom Hagen was arrested after police suspected him of murdering his missing wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. In October of 2018, it was reported that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was kidnapped, and included was a ransom note demanding $10 million worth of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero. After an 18 month investigation, Norwegian authorities had "reason to suspect Tom Hagen of murder or conspiracy to commit murder," with the ransom looking likely to be a simple cover up ploy.

The US Dept. of Transportation Is Investigating Blockchain-Powered Delivery Drones
The U.S. Department of Transportation released a lengthy report on blockchain’s application for drones.

The US Department of Transportation is looking at using blockchain technology for drones, as published in the agency's report on April 15. With a number of use cases for drones, ranging from medical deliveries to military strike capabilities to commercial use, the department sees them as "especially suitable to the trust and operational integrity provided by blockchains." The noted areas that would benefit from the added tech included security, ID management, conflict management, flight authorization and air traffic management.

BitMEX to Restrict Access to Japanese Traders | Finance Magnates
Japan will enforce new crypto laws from May 1.

BitMex, one of the biggest crypto derivatives exchanges, announced on April 28 that its services will no longer be available to Japan residents starting May 1. This is the exchange's response to the new regulations in Japan on crypto derivatives and fund procurement transactions.

According to the notice, the restrictions applies to both existing Japanese users and those registering for the first time. Japanese traders will no longer be able to place orders on BitMex until further notice.

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