Twitter reportedly working on Bitcoin tipping feature
Twitter may soon roll out Bitcoin tipping on its Tip Jar service with payments facilitated via the Lightning Network.

Twitter is reportedly laying the groundwork to enable Bitcoin (BTC) tipping for content creators.

According to MacRumors, the latest Twitter iOS beta includes lines of code that could see Bitcoin become a part of the “Tip Jar.” Indeed, as previously reported by Cointelegraph, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had previously hinted that Bitcoin tipping was in the works.

Twitter introduced Tip Jar back in May as a way for users to reward content creators on the popular social media platform. If the reports of Bitcoin tipping are true, then BTC will be added alongside Cash App, PayPal and Venmo as acceptable payment options on the Tip Jar.

As part of the rollout, Twitter may provide a brief tutorial about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. According to a portion of the text quoted by MacRumors, the Bitcoin tipping feature will utilize Lightning Network payment gateway Strike to “generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices.”

The tutorial may also include information about concepts such as custodial and non-custodial wallets for storing Bitcoin.

Ethereum alone not enough to disrupt Big Tech: Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey says focusing on Bitcoin alone doesn’t mean he hates Ether, yet he’s again implied he is underwhelmed by the latter’s disruptive possibilities.

Twitter CEO and self-professed Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist Jack Dorsey is not giving Ether (ETH) fans an inch. In his latest offhand remark about the market’s second-largest cryptocurrency, Dorsey downplayed the platform’s potential to single-handedly shake up the status quo in Big Tech:

Dorsey’s comment followed an online discussion of the usefulness of a full-blown integration of nonfungible tokens (NFT) into Twitter, which Twitter user Seyitaylor argued would be more to the benefit of Ethereum than to the social media site.

Dorsey agreed that such a move would be more consequential for the Ethereum ecosystem than for his own platform but added, “Every account on Twitter being able to link to a Lightning wallet however…”

Despite Twitter’s previous dabbles in the world of NFTs — and Dorsey’s own use of the technology to raise money for charity — Dorsey has remained a staunch Bitcoin advocate, much to the frustration of both Ether diehards and less sectarian crypto fans.

When one Twitter user responded to Dorsey’s comments, pushing him to explain, “Why the ETH hate then if there’s room for more than one piece to the puzzle?” Dorsey’s rejoinder was that “focus on one thing isn’t hate of the others. I’ve made my concerns known about others in comparison to Bitcoin. Key ones are founding principles, security, and centralization.”

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