Bitcoin still sideways near the highs with price now around $9,500. Key levels remain untouched in the daily, we have key support around 8,500 - 8,000 and key resistance at 10,000. Price couldn't get past the immediate resistance yet as 9,600 - 9,700 seems to be an intraday trouble area. If price is able to gather enough momentum in the next days, a break of 10,000 level is imminent. While a break below 8,700 could be a possible trigger for invalidation.

Global market cap is at $269B, while BTC's market cap is at $175B.

Cryptocurrency Documentary to Air on Discovery Science Channel
“Open Source Money,” a documentary series on a crypto firm fully financed with cryptocurrency will air on cable television in the United States

"Open Source Money," a documentary series on a crypto firm fully financed with cryptocurrency will air on Discovery Science on cable TV in the United States. The series, which will be about the Disney-incubated blockchain company Dragonchain, was jointly produced by media and tech firm Vision Tree and financed with over $1 million in cryptocurrency. The documentary will air on July 4, with each episode focusing on the roles played in the blockchain space by people like Patrick Byrne, Brock Pierce, Joe Roets, and companies like Disney, Facebook, and more.

Kingdom Trust to Tokenize 20,000 Assets
This week, the US tokenization sector felt ripples after South Dakota-based custodian, Kingdom Trust announced plans to tokenize a large part of its billion-dollar portfolio. Importantly, the firm is an SEC-regulated custodian that currently boasts over 100,000 users. The news symbolizes another maj…

Kingdom Trust, a South Dakota-based custodian managing more than $13 billion in assets, is looking to tokenize its assets. According to Kingdrom Trust chief executive Ryan Radloff, the firm is looking to tokenize more than 20,000 alternative, crypto, and legacy assets that is in custody of Kingdom Trust. He said: "If you look beyond just Bitcoin, at the clash of alternative assets like [real estate investment trusts] REITs, gold, land, and other things that Kingdom custodies, this is a prime environment for the clash between blockchain technology, tokenization of assets, and the 20,000 assets that we currently hold."

Amazon Patents Blockchain-Based Product Authenticator - CoinDesk
Amazon has patented a distributed ledger-based system for proving the authenticity of consumer goods.

Amazon, the world's top ecommerce firm, has filed a patent for a blockchain system that tracks goods as they move on the supply chain. The patent describes a "distributed ledger certification" system that ensures that consumer goods sold on its website are authentic, infusing "digital trust from the first mile of an item's supply chain" to the last. The filing describes a detailed system that allows for participants to map global supply chains, and improves quality and authenticity assurance. A patent filing, however, does not necessarily mean that a company is using a technology.

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