Bragging rights: Twitter previews verification badge for NFT profile pics
Twitter has released a video walkthrough showing off a new feature that enables users to verify their NFTs and use them as profile pics.

Twitter has unveiled an in-development tool that will enable users to display a verified NFT as their profile picture.

Mada Aflak, a senior software engineer at Twitter, shared a video demonstrating functionality that allows users to add NFTs to their accounts. Users can simply edit their profile, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and import their OpenSea collection. Then, they can choose an avatar from their collection of non-fungible token (NFT) digital art.

The profile picture will also be marked with a badge to verify that the image is the genuine article, thereby allowing them to flex their hugely expensive CryptoPunk or Bored Ape profile picture and have everyone know it’s legit.

Aflak stated that the run-through was just an experiment using a mock-up, so anything could change, and she called on users to submit feedback and suggestions.

While the verified profile pic is generating all the excitement so far, Messari Research Analyst Mason Nystrom speculated on other potential applications of Twitter integrating crypto wallets.

Tehran Stock Exchange CEO resigns following discovery of Bitcoin miners in basement
Tehran Stock Exchange market vice president Mahmoud Goudarzi will be leading the company following the departure of CEO Ali Sahraee.

Ali Sahraee, the chief executive officer of the Tehran Stock Exchange since 2018, has reportedly resigned after the discovery of cryptocurrency mining rigs in the building.

According to a report from the country’s state-run media, the Islamic Republic News Agency, Tehran Stock Exchange, or TSE, market vice president Mahmoud Goudarzi will be leading the company following the departure of Sahraee. The change in leadership seems to be the result of “a number of miners” being discovered in the basement of the TSE building located in the district of Sa'adat Abad.

The TSE reportedly initially denied the existence of the miners, saying the equipment was part of a research project. However, executive deputy director Beheshti-Sarsht later said the company should be held accountable for its actions.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced in May that Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mining would be prohibited over the summer in an attempt to reduce demands on the country’s power grid. It’s unclear when authorities discovered the mining rigs in a “sudden inspection” of the TSE basement, but the activity was seemingly still illegal until the last week of September.

Bank of England unveils all-star payments and tech lineup for CBDC Forums
The Bank of England has announced its membership list for central bank digital currency research and development.

The United Kingdom’s central bank is ramping up its research into a central bank digital currency (CBDC) with the selection of a long list of banking and fintech experts to assist it.

On Sept. 29 the Bank of England announced the membership of its CBDC Engagement and Technology Forums and they include some big names in technology and finance including Google, Mastercard, Consensys — and even Spotify.

This week’s announcement is a signal that the central bank is taking its CBDC plans seriously. It stated that the Technology Forum draws resources from leading experts in the field of digital payments and cryptocurrencies.

“The Forum will help the bank to understand the technological challenges of designing, implementing and operating a CBDC.”

The Engagement Forum includes “senior stakeholders from industry, civil society, and academia,” that will assist the bank and Treasury to “understand the practical challenges of designing, implementing and operating a CBDC.”

Technology experts include PayPal’s blockchain and cryptocurrency Chief Technology Officer, Edwin Aoki. Principal Software Engineer at Google, Will Drewry, joins him as does CBDC and Payments Manager Matthieu Saint Olive from Ethereum software solutions firm ConsenSys.

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