In the daily, the waiting game is still on and we can see that BTC is holding tight above the 50 MA. It remains to be seen whether BTC can survive 9,500 - 9,600 and go for a retest of the 9,900 - 10,300 key resistance. A successful break and hold above the 10,000 level could be a possible confirmation that bulls have the dominant sentiment. Otherwise, we're looking at 8,600 - 8,500 as the next possible key support for BTC.

Global market cap is at $269B, while BTC's market cap is at $174B.

Binance Pool Is Now the Largest Bitcoin SV Miner
Since its launch in April, Binance Pool has become responsible for 26.39% of all Bitcoin Satoshi Vision blocks mined

As of June 16, Binance Pool is now one of the largest miner of Bitcoin SV (BSV). According to crypto statistics and services platform Coin Dance, Binance Pool is responsible for 26.39% of all BSV blocks mined, followed by Huobi's mining arm with 13.19%.

Binance delisted and ceased trading for all BSV pairs in April 2019. The decision came after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao expressed his outrage at self-proclaimed "Satoshi" Craig Wright for issuing a $5,000 bounty for doxxing Hodlnaut. As of time of writing, Bitcoin SV (BSV) trading pairs are still not available for trading on Binance.

Cybercrime Up 75% During COVID-19_ Congressional Hearing Details
Giving the opening remarks during a U.S. House meeting on illegal digital activities, Representative and subcommittee chair Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) noted a major jump for online crime in 2020. “We are seeing a 75% spike in daily cybercrimes, reported by the FBI since the start of the pandemic,” Cleav…

In a US House of Representatives meeting, Representative and subcommittee chair Emanual Cleaver stated that there has been a "75% spike in daily cybercrimes, reported by the FBI since the start of the pandemic." With COVID-19 prevention measures causing business closures and leading to employees working remotely and increasing web activity, hackers and cybercriminals have seen increased opportunities to exploit security weaknesses. Crypto exchanges have also been the victims of hacks and leaks, with many fraudsters suspected of using stolen funds as a means of laundering money.

Kazakhstan Seeks to Attract $740 Million Crypto Investment in Three Years
Kazakhstan is aiming to attract nearly $740 million dollars in investment through various crypto industry-related activities over the next three years

The government of Kazakhstan is aiming to attract $738 million from investments in cryptocurrency mining activities over the next three years. Kazakhstan's Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, Askar Zhumagaliyev, discussed the plan in an address to the upper house of the Kazakh parliament. Zhumagaliyev highlighted the progress of countries like the US, Sweden, and South Korea in the field of cryptocurrency and crypto mining, adding that their own local mining farms have already brought in over $200 million in investment. According to Zhumagaliyev, they "expect another 300 billion tenges ($738.4 million) in the next three years."

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