After the quick pump to 9,700, price is now back within the immediate resistance area (around 9,500) and seems like price is still having trouble breaking past sellers around the 9,700 - 9,800 area. In the daily, we can spot the structure of the price, forming a possible lower high. An ideal scenario would be a break above the immediate resistance area and go for a retest of key resistance area. Otherwise, failure to break above immediate resistance or at least hold the 50 MA trail support, could trigger a potential dip to test key support area around 8,600 - 8,500.

Global market cap is at $272B, while BTC's market cap is at $175B.

WhatsApp Payments Suspended by Brazil’s Central Bank
WhatsApp’s payment features have been suspended in Brazil less than one month after the Facebook-owned app rolled them out

The Central Bank of Brazil has ordered the suspension of processing of money transfers by Mastercard and Visa on behalf of Facebook's WhatsApp or risk being heavily fined and face administrative sanctions. According to official information shared with Cointelegraph Brazil, the Central Bank took action to preserve an adequate competitive environment and allow the central bank to assess the risks posed by the firm to the country's existing financial sector.

Despite taking action against WhatsApp, Brazil's Central Bank has announced that it is planning to integrate its upcoming blockchain-like digital payments system (PIX) with WhatsApp. WhatsApp supports the project and plans to integrate with the central bank, saying that they are willing to commit to work with the central bank once the project has started.

Former Wirecard CEO arrested as embattled payment firm’s accounting crisis deepens
Braun resigned Friday after the German payment service provider said auditors couldn’t find 1.9 billion euros of cash on its balance sheet.

The former CEO of Wirecard, Markus Braun, who recently resigned, has been arrested by German police after being accused of conspiring to inflate assets and revenue through false transactions in an effort to make the company appear more attractive to investors. The misrepresented funds, amounting to 1.9 billion euros, are supposed to be held in a trust account in two Philippine banks, but Wirecard has recently reported these funds, "with a high degree of probability," do not exist.

The money represents almost a third of Wirecard's claimed assets. A judge is set to deliberate whether to continue detention today.

Ousted Bitmain Co-Founder Offers to Buy $4 Billion in Shares
Micree Zhan released a scathing letter directed towards fellow Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu, offering to buy out control of the company

The Bitmain power struggle continues as Micree Zhan has offered to buy shares controlled by his fellow co-founder Jihan Wu and others amounting to $4 billion, which will allow him to buy out control of the company. Zhan was the already biggest shareholder of the crypto mining company when Wu allegedly forced him out of the company in October 2019, which Zhan refers to as an 'illegal power seizure." The most recent addition to this saga comes in the form of a scathing letter that Zhan wrote that was directed towards Wu, stating that Zhan is willing to buy out shares from Wu, outside investors, the employee option pool, and three unnamed individuals for $4 billion.

Zhan claims that he currently owns 36% of the shares for Bitmain's Cayman Islands parent company, with the shares giving him 59.6% of the voting power.

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