Ukraine has received $37M in tracked crypto donations so far
Crypto executives and developers are joining in on fundraising efforts to support the nation of Ukraine.

Based on data gathered by Cointelegraph, the amount of tracked crypto donations sent to the Ukrainian government, military and charities has surpassed $37 million at the time of publication. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT) and other altcoins. The numbers are also based on tracked projects and do not account for items such as donation efforts between individuals.

The biggest recipient of crypto donations appears to be the "Reserve fund of Ukraine," backed by the country's native cryptocurrency exchange, Kuna. According to its official Telegram channel, the exchange has raised approximately $13 million in crypto for Ukraine, mainly through BTC, ETH and USDT.

Next up, Come Back Alive, a non-government organization that says it’s helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces' resistance efforts, has received over $7.2 million in BTC donations at its wallet address. This includes previous, albeit minor, donations it had received during the War in Donbas, which began in 2014. Cointelegraph spoke to Ukrainian crypto enthusiasts about the charity, who vouched for its legitimacy.

Then there is UkraineDAO, which is led by Pussy Riot’s (Russian feminist protest music group) Nadya Tolokonnikova and seeks to sell a single nonfungible token, or NFT, flag to fund Ukrainian civilian organizations. Currently, the highest bid for the NFT stands at $2.89 million USD.

Furthermore, activists in the blockchain community have created Unchain Fund to help Ukraine. The initiative supports a plethora of altcoins, including NEAR, Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and more. Since its launch, the fund has raised more than $1.5 million in crypto, mostly through NEAR token donations. Anna Tutova, a member of Unchain Fund and a prominent socialite in the crypto community, told Cointelegraph:

"We raise money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food and clothes. We raise funds only in crypto and use multi-sig wallets to be completely transparent. Unchain fund is as well supported by Vitalik Buterin, Solana, Near, Celo foundation, Harmony, Polygon, Gnosis, Gitcoin and many more."

Other notable efforts include Braiins, the world's oldest mining pool, with its donation of 10 BTC plus a portion of its hash rate to help Ukraine. Web3 humanitarian aid initiative RELI3F also sent, thus far, 185 ETH to three crypto funds that support Ukraine.

Stripe announces fiat payment support for cryptocurrencies and NFTs
Stripe also launched an open drop of NFT collectibles dubbed “Cube Thingies” via Nifty Gateway for nonprofit healthcare tech organization Watsi.

United States-based fintech giant Stripe has significantly ramped up its crypto initiatives after it launched a service that enables payments for NFTs and digital assets via fiat currency.

Businesses can use Stripe’s new application programming interfaces (APIs) to accept fiat payments for crypto, provide digital wallets, payout users in fiat, leverage identity and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions and utilize data to detect and block fraudulent transactions.

Stripe co-founder John Collinson shared an announcement via Twitter on March 11, and the firm also partnered with FTX, FTX US,, Nifty Gateway and Just Mining to launch the crypto business suite.

Speaking on the partnership, FTX’s head of strategy Tristan Yver emphasized that the deal will help the firm attract a broader mainstream audience by making it more straightforward for users to purchase crypto assets:

“The optimizations we made in our payments setup with Stripe deliver the smooth on-ramp experience FTX’s growing customer base demands. We’re able to multiply revenue by making it easier than ever for people to invest in crypto.”

As part of the move, Stripe also launched an open drop of NFT collectibles dubbed “Cube Thingies” via Nifty Gateway. The NFTs cost between $242.42 and $424.24 each to mint and all proceeds from the sale will go to nonprofit healthcare tech organization Watsi.

Princeton launches blockchain research initiative with $20M from crypto-alumni
Princeton University’s Venture Forward campaign received $20 million from four alumni to study the societal impact of blockchain technology and discover new use cases.

Prestigious Princeton University has launched an initiative to study the “decentralization of societal power” through blockchain technology in an effort to explore the vast depths of its social capabilities.

For the launch, Bloomberg reported that Princeton’s Venture Forward campaign received $20 million in donations from high-profile alumni Peter Bridger from Fortress Investment, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, Pantera Capital CEO Daniel Morehead and Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz.

The initiative is designed to study the ways in which modern technology, especially blockchain, can interfere with and change social norms, just as other technologies such as the printing press and the internet have in the past. A Friday video from the university states that “we are at a very early stage in understanding the opportunities and challenges” associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“The initiative will convene scholars across disciplines to understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of blockchain and other technologies, and their potential to disrupt centers of societal power.”

Princeton’s Venture Forward campaign is an engagement and fundraising campaign to build community and alumni engagement, seek critical philanthropic support for the University and share Princeton’s defining principles and their impact on the world.

The university believes that focusing on decentralization will promote growth in three areas of study. An official post from the university states that it will help it understand “the underlying engineering behind blockchain and related technologies,” discover new uses for blockchain in finance, voting, news, and elsewhere and determine “the implications that such technologies could have for society.”

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