BTC has been moving in a range and is looking well above the 10 EMA since the recent quick drop from 12k. In the daily, price is currently around 11,300+ and the 10 EMA trail is still holding. A potential retest of the resistance is still present as long as price is sustained above the MAs. Otherwise, a strong break and close below the 10 EMA could bring the onset of invalidation of the trail and price could head to the 50 MA area for potential support. Key levels are intact with 10,900 as immediate support and 12,000 - 12,100 as resistance.

Global market cap is at $346B, while BTC's market cap is at $209B.

100% of Chainlink Addresses Are Currently in Profit
Chainlink’s bull run has created an abnormal situation where its entire supply is currently profitable according to an intelligence firm IntoTheBlock

Chainlink's (LINK) recent bull run has led to an abnormal situation where 100% of Chainlink addresses are "in the money" or profitable. The metric from intelligence firm IntoTheBlock simply represents a comparison between the asset's current price and the price at which it was acquired - if the current price is higher, then it is "in the money," if it is lower, then it is "out of the money." According to this metric, the entire supply of LINK is "in the money," while 90% of BTC is currently in the money and only 47% for Litecoin.

A possible explanation for this could be that price was up on exchanges without any LINK getting withdrawn to a wallet before the snapshot was taken, or that previous LINK purchasers were the ones that pushed price to a new all time high, but as these addresses had bought previously, their average purchase price would be lower than current price, pushing these addresses into profit.

Bitfinex offers $400M reward for return of $1.3B in stolen Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is offering $400 million for the return of $1.33 billion worth of Bitcoin stolen by hackers in 2016. “Bitfinex is offering a reward to any persons that connect us with hackers responsible for the unauthorized transfer of almost 120,000 bitcoins from the exchange in A…

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is offering up to $400 million to anyone who can lead it to the hackers who stole over 120,000 Bitcoin in August 2016. According to Bitfinex, it is even willing to reward the hackers themselves, in what is its 'latest effort' to recover the stolen funds. The exchange explained that "those who put Bitfinex in contact with the hacker will receive 5% of the total property recovered (or equivalent funds or assets at current market values), and the hackers will receive 25% of the total property recovered (or equivalent funds or assets at current market values). Any payments made to those connecting Bitfinex with the hackers and the hackers themselves will be classified as costs of recovery of the stolen property."

Indian Government Actively Working Toward New Crypto Ban
Five months after Indian courts lifted the blanket ban on crypto, an official said the government is considering a new law banning crypto

The government of India is once again considering a new law to ban crypto. According to Moneycontrol's report, authorities in India are currently working on a law banning cryptocurrency trading. There has been consultations between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Ministry of Law and Justice, and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regarding the framework of the said law. One consideration that the authorities are looking into is to enforce a legislative change rather than a blanket ban from the RBI to banks dealing with crypto firms due to claims that "it would clearly define the illegality of the trade."

Last March, the Supreme court of India has repealed the blanket ban on banks dealing with cryptocurrencies which was imposed on July 2018. This led to increase in new exchanges in the country. However, government officials raised the idea of enacting a new crypto law in place of the RBI ban.

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