Bitcoin's (BTC) breakout above the 12k resistance has been rejected quite fast as price went back not far below the resistance area. Currently, price is trading above 11,700 and it remains to be seen whether the 10 EMA trail support is still going to hold the price and follow its trendline support. Otherwise, we may see a further dump in price if immediate support levels don't hold - 11,600 - 11,500. Key resistance now sits around 12,400, while key support remains at 10,900. It is still a long week for BTC as the weekly candle isn't closed yet.

Global market cap is at $368B, while BTC's market cap is at $218B.

UK Newspaper The Independent Covers Bitcoin’s Mid-Pandemic Bull Run
The Independent covered the bull run for its 24 million subscribers

Cryptocurrency made it to the headlines in the UK as major news publication The Independent reported on the mid-pandemic bull run in cryptocurrency markets. "The latest gains mean the rice of Bitcoin has nearly trebled since March, despite a global economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic", according to the article stated in The Independent's latest report on August 18. The Independent also compared Bitcoin with Gold as a safe haven asset which investors turn to in times of economic uncertainty. Furthermore, the news outlet cited the recent move of intelligence firm MicroStrategy - purchasing $250 million in BTC to use it as its primary reserve asset.

Fake Tokens Continue to Plague Uniswap
The growing popularity of Uniswap is continuing to attract scammers, with fraudulent coins impersonating token sales for top crypto projects

Fake tokens have been plaguing Uniswap, the decentralized exchange, with several scammers looking to use fraudulent tokens in order to impersonate token sales for top crypto projects. Decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol Teller Finance announced that a fake Teller coin and Uniswap pool had been created, and the NEAR Protocol token sale also had impersonation scams leading up to its commencement. The Acala Network also encountered scammers ahead of its own tokensale.

Uniswap does not maintain any rules or criteria for listing, meaning that anybody can list an ERC-20 token on the exchange. Currently, Uniswap hosts more than 400 active pairings, and over 300 markets that the platform has not yet verified.

US Army report says many North Korean hackers operate from abroad | ZDNet
US Army says many North Korean hackers are actually located outside the hermit kingdom, in countries like Belarus, China, India, Malaysia, and Russia.

A report by the U.S. Army has revealed that North Korea has over 6,000 hackers dedicated to cryptocurrency and related cybercrimes, stationed in countries such as Belarus, China, India, Malaysia, and Russia, among others. The report, named North Korean Tactics, goes into detail about 'Bureau 121,' the cyber warfare guidance unit of North Korea that launches cyberattacks from all over the world.

A "financial crime division" called the Bluenoroff Group has around 1,700 members that are involved in crypto crimes "concentrating on long-term assessment and exploiting enemy network vulnerabilities." Another similar group called the Lazarus Group, the most famous of these cybercriminal outfits, has conducted numerous high profile crypto exchange hacks and aims to "create social chaos by weaponizing enemy network vulnerabilities and delivering a payload if directed to do so by the regime."

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