Bitcoin's price didn't break the 50MA in the daily yet and still continues to hover around it throughout the day. In the daily, price found a stop around 7,450 and created intraday immediate support around 7,100 - 7,000. Nonetheless, price structure is still intact and probability of breaking above 7,500 - 8,000 still remains. A break below 6,800 could bring price back within the 6k range.

Global market cap is at $208B, while BTC's market cap is at $133B.

News verification blockchain tech fights fake news amid COVID 19
The news verification blockchain tech is developed primarily to stop the spread of fake news and also to form an alliance of news publishers

ANSA, Italy's main news agency, has launched a blockchain-based news tracking system called ANSAcheck that allows users to verify the origin and history of news published on its platforms, its affiliated publications, as well as third parties such as social media or other platforms. The system also allows ANSA to keep track of its content use and link ecosystem actors, publishers, and web agencies. Readers can verify articles using a tracking label containing pertinent information. ANSAcheck was developed in collaboration with Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Your phone can be hacked with ultrasonic waves and a... table?
Researchers transmitted ultrasonic waves via a table to hack voice assistants on smartphones.

Researchers discovered a new type of hack which is targeted to smart digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. The hack is called "Surfing Attack" and it uses ultrasonic guided waves to communicate with a device through the voice assistant. According to security researchers who developed the attack, the hack can enable multiple rounds of interactions between voice-controlled service and attackers over relatively long distances.

The attack can affect the device in many ways depending on the connection like locking or unlocking a door, alter thermometer, or control home devices and it could also affect two factor authentication by reading the security code and sending it to the hacker. People can take steps to prevent vulnerability such as disabling voice assistance when phone is locked, covering phone with tablecloth or using phone cases of uncommon materials like wood that can stop the ultrasonic waves from affecting the device.

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