Bitcoin tried to test the 50 MA resistance in the daily but failed to break just yet. In the daily, sellers are still holding at the resistance around $7,000 followed by immediate support around $6,100 and key support around 5,800 - 5,700. A sustained break of the 50 MA in the daily is a possible indication that bids are taking over, while failure to hold could push price down to possible support areas indicated in the chart.

Global market cap is at $191B, while BTC's market cap is at $122B.

Bitfinex Made a $1.1 Billion BTC Transaction for only $0.68
Exchange Bitfinex took credit for a transaction moving part of their 161,500 BTC holdings — well over a billion dollars — to a hot wallet

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was able to move 161,500 BTC, worth around $1.1 billion, for a fee of only 0.0010019 BTC - approximately $0.68. Bitfinex Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino said that the exchange refilled its hot wallet with around 15,000 BTC, then returned the remaining 146,500 BTC to its original address. This transaction is one of the largest in history in terms of dollar amount, with the last billion dollar move happening last September - which was transferred for a $700 fee.

New York Power Plant Sells 30% of Its Bitcoin Mining Hashrate to Institutional Buyers
Greenidge Generation, an upstate New York power plant that’s using proprietary facility to mine bitcoin, has sold up to 30 percent of its computing power to institutional buyers.

Greenidge Generation, a New York based power plant has sold up to 30% of its computing power to institutional buyers.

The firm announced on Friday (Apr. 10), that it sold 106,000 terahashes per second (TH/s) of bitcoin mining power to buyers consisting of hedge funds and family offices. The sale was brokered by BitOoda Digital and was executed through BitOoda's hash contracts. Institutional buyers were able to get exposure to bitcoin mining without purchasing and setting up equipment because of BitOoda's hash contracts.

Bitcoin volume triples on Samourai’s Whirlpool mixing service - Watch Tech Market
Bitcoin volume triples on Samourai’s Whirlpool mixing service Bitcoin pockets Samourai has seen volumes on its flagship privateness service triple in a month. The service, known as Whirlpool, is desig

Whirlpool, Samourai Wallet's non-custodial Bitcoin mixer, saw volume triple last month - posting a record 1,523.45 BTC mixed in March, up from 529.05 BTC in February. A bitcoin mixing service mitigates any deterministic links between coins, with Whirlpool grouping pools of 0.01 BTC, 0.05 BTC, and 0.5 BTC when mixing. The increase in volume looks to be an effect of tightening regulations from governments seeking to comply with new regulations and enhanced anti-money laundering requirements.

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