Bitcoin remains in a downtrend in the daily and has formed a lower high  around 7,800 as resistance. As it continues to move down, the next  support to look for in the daily is around $6,800 - $6,500 level. Moving  on to the intraday chart (4H),  a wide range has formed with the same  levels plotted in the daily chart. The current price action looks like  it has more room to go down unless ranges are reclaimed.

Global market cap is at $195B, while BTC's market cap is $130B.

A new Android vulnerability was discovered by Promon called "StrandHogg". The effects of vulnerability is pretty serious as it could allow  hackers to access wallets and private data on almost any Android phone.  The particular malware has also been used to access banking information.  It interrupts the flow of an app from launch to welcome screen and  forces a user to give a piece of malware the same usual permissions  asked from an app asking for access to contacts, location, and stored  data before running the legitimate app. After approving the permission, the malware will then have all permissions instead of the legitimate  app.

According to a Google spokersperson, the researchers work  has reached them and they have suspended potentially harmful apps  identified. Google play protect also detects and blocks malicious apps  including ones with this type of malware.

China's Great Firewall, a tool used to ban Chinese citizens from accessing sites like Google and Facebook, has added Etherscan to their list. The  major ETH blockchain explorer has been banned in China since October  2019, although the ban went largely unnoticed. Other Ethereum block  explorers are still accessible, including a localized version of  Etherscan. ​

Etherscan blocked in China for the past 90 days— Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) December 3, 2019

Noted crypto Ponzi scheme OneCoin has finally ceased operating its website, months after US authorities indicted one of its founders for fraud. - their website, no longer returns a live result as of Nov.  30. Co-founder Konstantin Igantov recently pled guilty to charges  including money laundering and fraud and faces up to 90 years in prison,  while his sister Ruja Ignatova is on the run after prosecutors claimed  her responsible for laundering over $400 million.

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