Bitcoin was able to get a bounce and crossed the $6,000 level again. In the daily, buyers were able to hold and BTC found support around $5,600 which led price to retest the resistance around $6,900. In the 4H, structure is still intact and price is looking to break the current range; next possible target for resistance is around $8,000, should price gain enough momentum for another swing from the current level.

Global market cap is at $186B, while BTC's market cap is at $122B.

United States derivatives markets regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has warned the public against scammers taking advantage of the global health crisis (COVID-19). According to CFTC, the scammers use major news like the current crisis to sell their schemes or manipulate emotions.

The CFTC issued a statement on how these fraudsters lure victims through their schemes saying, "After depositing a few hundred dollars of cryptocurrency, the traders are fed a number of fake statements showing huge returns. When the traders try to cash out, they're told they must first pay a fee to get their earnings. They pay the fee, then are told they need to pay a tax, then more fees, and so forth. Never send more money to get what is yours."

Maze, a black hat hacker group, has managed to steal and publish sensitive medical data from Hammersmith Medicines Research using ransomware. The United Kingdom-based medical firm is conducting research on the coronavirus, and their published data includes data on medical test volunteers such as ID documents, medical background, and details of the tests. While there are no reports of the how high the ransom being demanded was, previous cases show that Maze has previously asked for around $1 million in Bitcoin for restoring access to the data and another $1 million in BTC to delete their copy and stop publishing it.

Fortunately, the firm was able to make the systems operational by the end of the day by quickly restoring their systems from backups, and that the data published on the hacker's website is no longer available.

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