In the daily, BTC broke and closed below the $7,000 immediate support  level yesterday. With this recent price action, selling pressure is  still present and a follow through of the break down is possible if  buyers are not able to hold bids. Next target is around $6,500 for support.  

Global market cap is at $187B, while BTC's market cap is at $125B.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that  their government will pay half a Petro to 8 million Venezuelan retirees  and public workers as a Christmas bonus. The Petro has a fixed value of  $60, so each bonus will be equivalent to $30 - totaling $240 million in  bonuses to be given out.

A district court in Shenzhen, China ordered the freezing of assets of Dongguan Yongjiang Electronics,  Bitmain's miner manufacturing subsidiary. According to a report on  Sept. 27, the amount of assets frozen were worth 4.7 million yuan  ($676,000) for asset protection in a contract dispute with Shenzhen  Century Cloud Core. It is not clear yet how long the freeze will take  effect but according to Chinese laws, freezing of bank accounts and  other stores of funds should be no longer than 6 months while liquid  assets shouldn't be held for more than a year.

CipherTrace, a blockchain intelligence firm, claims that large banks may be processing up to $2 billion in undetected  cryptocurrency-related transfers per year. Their research claims that  every one of the United States' top 10 commercial banks have  unregistered crypto businesses using their services to process funds.

.@ciphertrace revealed research Monday showing that the top 10 retail banks by asset  size in the U.S. worked with unregistered crypto money services  businesses by transmitting funds on their payment networks.

Report via @Nate_DiCamillo— CoinDesk (@coindesk) December 16, 2019

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