Bitcoin was able to hold ground and maintain its range in the daily chart with immediate support around 4,400 and key support around 3,500, while resistance remains at 5,900 level. In the 4H, a clear structure of the range can be seen and price is looking to retest the current resistance around 5,900. If price is able to successfully break 5,900, we might see a possible test of the 50 MA. Otherwise, price reverts back  to range and test support.

Global market cap is at $151B, while BTC's market cap is at $96B.

NVIDIA,  the U.S. GPU and chip manufacturer, is asking users to donate unused  GPU computing power and distribute it to an international processing  power network to research coronavirus (COVID-19) and other diseases -  all to be done through NVIDIA's "Folding@home" initiative. The company  has even extended the call to other gaming industry competitors such as  Steel Series, NZXT, Razer, Intel Gaming, and MSI. While the invitation  to donate was primarily focused on gamers, crypto miners can also  participate due to the amount of computing resources used for mining.

BAKKT, which just announced a $300M series B round of funding, has also announced a direct payment intergation with Starbucks. Bakkt,  a cryptocurrency trading platform, is working on consumer apps for  digital assets and is going to launch its first one in partnership with  Starbucks, Last year, Starbucks announced that it is among the companies  that will work with Bakkt.

A senior engineer of Baidu was caught mining crypto using the company's servers. The  employee downloaded Monero mining scripts onto Baidu's servers. It has  been discovered that around 200 Baidu servers were used. After  discovering the extra load on the servers, the company immediately  reported it to the police, which led to the arrest of the employee. The  Chinese authorities sentenced the culprit to 3 years jail time and a  fine of 11,000 Chinese yuan ($1,568).

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