Not much has been going on  with Bitcoin as it remains in a range in the daily chart. This kind of  price action would be best capitalized by traders who are more inclined  to ranging markets. A retest/break of the resistance around 8,500 - 8,700 and price hold above 50 MA in the daily chart is a good indication  that bulls still have strength left to push the price. Otherwise, a  breakdown is not far as BTC is still hovering near a significant support  around 8,000 - 7,700.  

Global market cap is at $224B, while BTC's market cap is at $149B.

* The Opera web browser has added bitcoin payments to its Android app. Opera for Android users will now be able to make bitcoin payments  directly from its built-in digital wallet and interact with  decentralized apps (dapps) on the TRON blockchain. The browser is the  only one among the top-five in the category to have digital wallet  integration, launching its built-in Ethereum wallet last year.​
* UNICEF plans to put up a crypto fund which will enable UNICEF to receive, hold, and distribute Bitcoin and  Ether donations. The fund will initially be used to pay for internet  connectivity in public schools around the world. The first contribution  to the fund was made by the Ethereum Foundation, donating 1 BTC and 100  ETH for a total worth around $25,000 USD.​

* Karma, a luxury car manufacturer in California, has started accepting digital currency as a means of payment.  The new addition to means of payment is initially available at one of  its stores in Newport Beach. According to a company news release on Oct.  15, Karma Newport Beach customers will now be able to pay in Bitcoin  (BTC) for vehicle purchases and other services.

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