Bitcoin rocketed up today as it broke past $8,000. Price has reached an  intraday high (as of the current 4H candle) of around $8,455. In the  daily, support level is around 6,800 - 6,400. In the 4H, price shows a  clear structure and it's trailing with the 10 EMA as it creates  consecutive higher lows. Retracement is likely to happen in the intraday  charts which could be an opportunity to scale in positions or possible  "bounce" areas. If bids are held and price is able to maintain its  momentum in the daily, we might see a retest of the previous resistances  around 8,800 - 9,000+. Otherwise, this would be invalid and general  structure in the daily is respected; creating another lower high.  

Global market cap is at $218B, while BTC's market cap is at $150B.

Bitcoin rocketed past $8,000 as rockets flew into US bases in Iraq today. The  bitcoin price surged $600 in a matter of minutes to almost $8,500 per  bitcoin on the Bitstamp exchange before falling back slightly to trade  around $8,300 as the tensions escalated between the US and Iran,  following in the footsteps of gold which also saw a marked increase,  further solidifying its status as new safe haven asset and store of  value, or digital gold. No casualties have been reported from the  attacks.

Court Rejects SEC's Attempt to Obtain Telegram's Gram Sale Records International CryptoCurrency News— International Cryptocurrency News (@intcryptonews) January 8, 2020

The District Court for the Southern District of New York has denied an application by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to  make Telegram reveal its bank records. The SEC tried to compel Telegram  to share the details of how the firm spent the $1.7 billion raised in  its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018. Despite the court ruling in the  favor of Telegram, the company will still have to prove that its  records comply with foreign data privacy laws. Telegram has emphasized  several times that Gram tokens are not an investment product, thus not a  security and is outside the SEC's jurisdiction.

BitBox, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange operated by messaging app 'Line' announced that it will delist Ripple (XRP) on  Jan. 16. According to BitBox's announcement, the company actively  monitors all coins that are being traded on their platform and if a coin  doesn't meet standards, it is subject for delisting. BitBox advised  their users to cancel all trades before delisting takes place. After XRP  is delisted, customers will have until midnight Feb. 16 to withdraw  their XRP funds. The company did not disclose reasons with regard to the  incident.

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