The last  weekly candle closed on a bounce but didn't show any significant move.  For the current weekly candle, BTC opened weak. If price isn't able to  reach or retrace around $7,500, it can possibly break the 50 MA and head  lower to look for next support. In the daily chart, BTC found support  around $6,500 and resistance around $7,800. Possible scenarios in the  daily chart: another lower high (from the recent swing high) and head  down, or retrace and test $7,800 - $8,000 level.

Global market cap is at $198B, while BTC's market cap is at $131B.

Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt, has been picked by US Governor Brian Kemp to fill in the Georgia Senate seat until the special election in November 2020. She will be replacing Johnny Isakson, who will vacate his seat on December 31 due to his declining health. Bakkt is a subsidiary of ICE that provides  physically-settled bitcoin future contracts.

Vigil Griffith, Ethereum foundation developer, has been arrested at LA International Airport on Thanksgiving day, for allegedly sharing his expertise in using cryptocurrency at a conference in North Korea. According to the complaint, Griffith and other attendees discussed how  blockchain and crypto could be used by the Democratic People's Republic  of Korea (DPRK) to launder money, evade sanctions, and how to achieve  independence from the global banking system.

The Ethereum  foundation clarified to CoinDesk that it was not represented in any way  in the said event outlined in the Justice Department's filing. The case  is being handled by the Southern District Terrorism and International  Narcotics Unit, with assistance from the Counterintelligence and Export  Control Section. He will be released on bail pending his trial, according to his attorney.

The  New York Times once called him an "internet man of mystery." Now he's charged with teaching North Korea how to evade sanctions with  cryptocurrency.— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) November 30, 2019

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