Bitcoin closed below $9,000 last Sunday, May 24. Currently, BTC seems to be bouncing back from the recent drop. In the daily, we have 9,200 as immediate resistance and key support around 8,200. Price is currently trading in the middle of the structure and moving sideways. A strong break and sustain above 9,200 - 9,500 could push price for a retest of the 10,000 level (psychological resistance), while a break below 8,600 - 8,500 could trigger selling pressure to test key support level.

Global market cap is at $251B, while BTC's market cap is at $165B.

Early Bitcoin Miner Calls Craig Wright a Fraud Through ‘His Own’ Addresses
Craig Wright’s claim to thousands of Bitcoin addresses is shaken once again as 145 addresses with BTC from 2009 signed a message saying he is a fraud

A list of 145 bitcoin addresses containing BTC mined from 2009, that have not moved since, were used to sign a public message calling Craight Wright a "liar and a fraud." Wright, notoriously known for being in a legal battle for claiming, among other things, that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, 'inadvertently' provided the court a list of bitcoin addresses that he claimed would prove that he was Nakamoto. Wright has failed on multiple occasions to prove ownership over these wallets - the easiest way would have been to send a signed message. The release of this message could definitively disprove Wright's case, which is set to enter trial on July 6.

The message reads:

"Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn't have the keys used to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we need to continue work on improving on-chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not to just change a constant in the code or to allow powerful participants to force out others. We are all Satoshi."
Turkish Stablecoin Receives Spot Listing on BTSE Exchange
The Turkish stablecoin BiLira has received a spot listing on BTSE, offering a new on-ramp for Turkish investors to access crypto markets

Over-the-counter and cryptocurrency futures exchange BTSE has listed Turkish stablecoin BiLira on its spot exchange.  TRYB can now be traded against USDT (Tether) on BTSE's spot market. According to an interview by Cointelegraph, BTSE co-founder and CEO Jonathan Leong said that the listing "enables Turkish users to facilitate lower fees via remittances, as well as instantaneous settlement times for TRYB users."

Telegram Quits Court Fight With SEC Over TON Blockchain Project - CoinDesk
Telegram has thrown in the towel in its court battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and will no longer be appealing the ban on its blockchain token project.

Telegram has withdrawn its appeal against a previous court decision that backed the SEC in prohibiting the issuance and distribution of Gram token to investors both in and out of the US, and will no longer be fighting the ban. This effectively marks the very end of the project, with Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announcing a few weeks ago that Telegram would no longer be developing TON. While the project remains open-source, and actually has a number of third-party TON-based projects like Free TON and NewTON, Telegram will no longer be actively involved in any development.

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