Who are we?

Our site, decentralize.today (dt.gl) is a digital media platform that covers all things tech.

We publish news, analyses, op-eds and articles across a broad range of topics but primarily in the areas of privacy, decentralization, cryptocurrency and the blockchain. We also reach into the Internet of Things, next-generation technologies, lifestyle developments and, more recently, changes in the working world.

We welcome original content and seek material for publication that is relevant, different and interesting. We like opinionated and critical insights. Currently, almost all our content is either user-generated or produced by our in-house team. We work hard to bring you your 'daily dose of decentralization'.

Marketing partnerships

We are open to discussing marketing opportunties with you for your cause, product, company or service. We have a number of options so please reach out to us at hello@decentralize.today to discuss your needs and proposals.

In return, we offer exposure to our regular (and expanding) readership of over 15,000 people worldwide as well as pushing out all submissions through our extensive social media networks including Twitter, Mastodon, Telegram, Medium and Reddit.

Options include:

Banner ads on front page, tags or articles

Sponsorship of articles, tags or links

Commissioned interviews

And for AltCoin adverts we will even accept payment in your coin or token!

NB: All sponsored articles will be flagged as such to ensure that readers are aware that they are being shown paid content.

And remember...the future won’t be centralized so join the wave!

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Help us to continue to fight the good fight!The decentralize.today site is run entirely by a dedicated bunch of like-mindedindividuals with a deep seated belief in privacy as a basic human right and inthe societal benefits of decentralization in many aspects of life. It’s a passion project for u…
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