DistroTube.com is a site created by Derek Taylor (DT), creator of the Distro.Tube (DT) video channel on YouTube and Odysee (LBRY).

I create videos about GNU/Linux, free software, open source software and related interests.

We've seen Distro.Tube in action here on decentralize.today (also dt) before with his hilarious product review of Windows 11 and there's no denying the man just makes great, fun (but highly informative) vids.

So below, transposed into open-source Invidous, are a couple or three of his pieces, one on not being about escape from the clutches of the kraken that is Windows and the second is the unravelling of a long held tech myth! Plus one which goes into depth on a critical software issue...this man does serious too!!!

Shorts (!) but sweet and we all need a laugh occasionally!

DT Vid 1: I can't escape Windows

DT Vid 2: A Terror So Terrifying, You'll Swear It's Just A Myth

DT Vid 3: I Can't Use Free Software. Proprietary Software Is BETTER!

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The most brutally honest product review - Windows 11
ICYMI Watch as a Linux user takes Windows 11 apart before your very eyes...3&1/2 minutes of hilarious honesty! Hope you enjoy!
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