DT Intro: As many of you will know, decentralize.today spends a bit of time reviewing messenger service providers and telecom hardware manufacturers to provide feedback and guidance on which provide the best security and functionality. This is critical today given how central to so many of us our mobiles are for our personal and professional lives.

So whilst this is not a 'formal review' as such but because we are big fans of Element (the service provider formerly known as Riot) and obviously Matrix too, we decided we would push this news out to a wider audience of like-minded individuals!

The essence of what is being engineered here is contained in the following extract from the blog:

Spaces replace the now legacy Communities feature. On the Web & Desktop, you can alternate between Communities & Spaces in Settings, and upgrade existing Communities you’re an admin of to Spaces

For the full blog entry, click the bookmark below! Enjoy and see you in Spaces soon!

Spaces launch in Element
Spaces rethink grouping rooms and people, fundamentally improving Element and Matrix to better group conversations instead of viewing all rooms all of the time.
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