The story so far...part 1, February to May 2020

Since February of this year, every Monday we've been publishing a new episode in a series entitled EXPOSED! where we seek to expose government misconduct and corporate malfeasance, resulting in invasion of individuals basic rights, exploitation of disadvantaged groups and wide-scale environmental destruction, mostly always in the pursuit of power, money or both.

In this first omnibus edition, we are reproducing the first 10 stories in the series, many of the companies and institutions covered are household names, many are generics for their respective industries/segments. Some is historic, much is more recent. We will constantly update the articles and attempt to provide alternatives or courses of action to allow you to avoid or protest the products and acts of the EXPOSED! ones.

Frankly, some of this stuff is terrifying but unless you know, you cannot act!

Episode 1: Samsung, first published February 3rd 2020

EXPOSED! - Samsung - the dark side of the ‘Galaxy’
Every Monday, I will be taking on corporations, exposing their unethicalpractices, how they sell our data and the other things that make them richer andricher at your expense. I will try to share with you not just our findings, butalso provide some solutions. Today we start with the world’s best …

Episode 2: Apple, first published February 10th 2020

EXPOSED! - the Apple of my eye or how rotten is your iPhone (and Mac)
In the second article on corporate maleficence, I will be taking a look at theApple Inc. Apple has shown itself to be a complete poodle when it comes to its relationshipwith China. During the recent mass demonstrations in Hong Kong, it pulled acrowd-sourced app from it’s App Store which allowed …

Bonus Apple package...fresh exposes on their latest exploits!

Apple doesn’t actually care about your privacy
Apple’s infallible privacy grandstanding is a masterpiece of distinguishable marketing. For Apple privacy is a clever trick with words that lets them get awa...

Episode 3: Alphabet, first published February 17th 2020

EXPOSED! First you learned your ABC, but then Alphabet learned all about you!
In my latest piece on corporate ‘misbehavior’, I am taking a look at AlphabetInc. Never heard of them? Well, that’s because it is a company that does nothing- basically. However, founded in 2016, it is the holding company for all of thevarious companies, operations, services, projects and assets …

Episode 4: Facebook, first published February 24th 2020

EXPOSED! Facebook - What the Zuck is he up to now?
> Take in all of a subject’s experience, from phone numbers dialled and e-mailmessages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place goneA quote from the LifeLog wiki.Talk about coincidences. On the same day that Facebook was founded, the Pentagonkilled off the LifeLog project. But was it j…

Episode 5: Microsoft, first published March 9th 2020

EXPOSED! Microsoft - Open up those Gates!
Visionaries Bill Gates and Paul Allen set up Microsoft way back in April of1975. Along the way, billionaires and millionaires have been created but we’dnow like to report about some of the surprising stumbles and missteps that tookplace along the way plus provide some insights into the negative c…

Episode 6: Amazon, first published March 16th 2020

EXPOSED! - Amazon. The truly nasty side of capitalism.
Amazon has been described as “one of the most influential economic and culturalforces in the world”, but behind it all there is a sorry tale of corporate greeddeeply entwined with a pervasive “profit at all costs” culture. From smallbeginnings Amazon now encompasses e-commerce, cloud computing, d…

Episode 7: HSBC, first published March 23rd 2020

EXPOSED! - HSBC. How low can they go?
In this latest installment of EXPOSED!, I take a long, hard look at that bastionof modern banking... the HSBC. Drug dealingsOne of the most shameful episodes to bring infamy upon the bank was thelaundering of money for Mexican drug cartels and pariah states. Drug deaths dueto the use of cocaine…

Episode 8: Starbucks, first published March 30th 2020 - EXPOSED! Starbucks corporate exploitation
In this week’s installment of EXPOSED!, I take a deep dive into the murky watersthat are the Starbucks corporation! From humble beginnings in Seattle back in 1971, Starbucks has now over 30,000branches operating worldwide. As of September 2019, the USA of course topped thelist with 8,575 company…

Episode 9: DuPont, first published April 6th 2020

EXPOSED! DuPont. Just Bad Chemistry.
In this week’s edition of EXPOSED! I’m looking into the misdeeds of one of theworld’s oldest chemical companies and revealing a scarily topical development... DuPont de Nemours Inc., commonly known as DuPont was formed in August 2017 whenit merged with Dow Chemical. DuPont itself goes as far back…

Episode 10: Big Tobacco, first published April 13th 2020 - Exposed! Big Tobacco decades of deceit
“Tobacco is the only legal drug that kills many of its users when used exactly as intended by manufacturers.”-World Health Organization.

Episode 11: Modern Day Slavery, first published April 20th 2020 - EXPOSED! - Modern Day Slavery
In this week’s edition of EXPOSED! I’m taking a look at an issue that, Ibelieve, many people don’t realize still exists... Slavery, long banned and universally condemned, persists in many corners of theworld, victimizing tens of millions of people. It is estimated that women andgirls make up 71%…

Episode 12: Deutsche Bank, first published April 27th 2020

EXPOSED! - Deutsche Bank
In this week’s edition of EXPOSED! I’m taking a look at an institution that isno stranger to controversy and is still not clear on it’s links to the Trumpfamily and businesses, something that could yet bring both parties down... > “Deutsche Bank did not merely mislead investors: It contributed di…

Episode 13: Big Pharma, first published May 4th 2020

feature - EXPOSED! - Big Pharma a bitter pill to swallow
In this week’s edition of EXPOSED! I’m taking a look at an industry that claimsthat it will ‘cure all ills’ but ultimately sickens many... > “For every $1 spent on ‘basic research’, Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions andadvertising.”BMJ 2012; 345 doi: Pharmaceutical research and development: …

Exhausting, isn't it! But the fight goes on...

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