Today, as we kick off a major new initiative from the annals of the Privacy Cookbook, we feature an Open Letter from the Privacy Advocate...

I believe that the Privacy Cookbook is a great tool for helping to drive things toward a better, safer, more secure and more private  internet, DNS, cellphone and PC setup in future.

Even as we publish and push out the Privacy Cookbook I still have friends, associates, family and close colleagues who still live under the mistaken belief that they have "nothing to hide" when in fact they have "everything to share".

While they read the Cookbook and say that it's great, I'll bet that some of them don't even keep their phones security updated, let alone have it blocking ads, malware, spyware or trackers!

But I want people to see the bigger picture here, I need to make things even clearer!

So I will explain in more detail why I believe that not only is privacy a  basic human right but that there are consequences for not working to uphold and protect it. Consequences not just for you but for many others, some close, some yet to come and some you have and will never meet.

The essential point here is that by surrendering your privacy (data) for nothing you are empowering and enriching the very corporations and governments that want to take away those basic human rights.

Over the next couple of months, we plan to publish a series of articles relating to these corporations, our very own 'shit list' as we dig up everything we can find on them.

From TVs that spy on you, to  cellphones that 'phone home', that share your location, and sell your data, pictures and messages to the highest bidder. Companies that build out your profile even creating search engines for photos and which link to your name, address and the locations where you hang out.

We're going to talk about child labor and suicides induced by the working conditions imposed by these megacorps. From disappearing journalists to paying off law enforcement, from governments corrupted and taxes avoided  all helping these corporations get richer and richer.

Organisations that will not only interfere in elections but actively help expose and endanger those who lawfully protest against them. And how about electoral interference either directly or through the manipulation and  distortion of social media?

What about the cellphone service providers who throttle down the speed to people in a  selected area in order to claim scarcity and thereby increase prices...not matter that this action also impacts the emergency services too...because you know, save data, not lives!

Or claiming to be champions of sustainability and promoting action to address Climate Change (whilst shaming offenders publicly) but then  doing the complete opposite in real life?

How would monitoring every key stroke you make on your computer sound to you? Oh yes, you better believe it!

And we'll also look at working conditions and the like and publish scandals that you probably won't believe until we bring them out and let you verify for yourselves.

Some of us remember Enron (and  others) and thinking at the time that this is pure evil...well this  worse, way more sinister and sadly more digital!

The information will all already be in the public domain, we're just helping push it closer to the light. Some of it will read like a fiction novel, but don't forget that 1984 was just that but meant as a warning, not as a prophesy. It turned out to be a blueprint for authoritarianism and its propagandists.

This will become a huge dirt dig and we don't want to do it alone, send us your stories, and we are not just going after the usual suspects, no, we'll also look at companies you may never have heard of but deal with on an almost daily  basis.

This will be very different to the usual  'privacy invasion' articles, so please tune in, as the the WOW will be in the reading and the WTF! in your reaction. We'll publish as we go, once a week, expanding along the way and we promise we will show you  things that will make you think twice about using any number of brands, products and services.

This will not be a guide on how to avoid or replace the offenders, we will be publishing public domain information on the Decentralize Today platform. However, if we change a few behaviors, win over a few hearts, expose these wrongdoings (many criminal, most immoral at least), get people to think  and discuss and challenge a lot of assumed and conventional wisdoms,  then our work will be worth it and we sincerely believe it is,

Yours in anonymity,
The Privacy Advocate, January 27th 2020

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