Bruce Fenton's searing indictment

Fiat is not just a little bit evil like a scam or the type of graft and corruption we often see. Fiat is not just Janet Yellen being paid $7.2 million for Zoom calls with big bank cronies. Fiat is not just Elizabeth Warren supporting billions in banker bonus money for TARP. No, the evils of fiat are much greater than a simple scam or theft, fiat causes true evils of the darkest sort in our world.

Fiat, specifically unlimited supply government fiat, does two bad things that, when combined, lead to evil. First it centralizes power. Instead of the people deciding what money is, like it’s supposed to work, the centralized authorities decide not just what money is but who has what.

The second thing that leads to evil is fiat’s unlimited supply. Because politicians can simply print money and devalue people’s wealth and give funds away with the push of a button, inevitably special interests will work for that money. When you combine these two things: centralized power and unlimited supply with no accountability it leads to the grifters selling the most fear to get the biggest contracts as a slice of that free fiat pie.

In the wake of 9–11, the grifters convinced Americans that bearded terrorists in Afghanistan caved were going to get us and if “we don’t fight them over there we will have to fight them over here”. This was of course simply a shifting of hundreds of billions in wealth from citizens to contractors. That’s horrible and it’s a theft from our children, but it’s not the greatest evil. The greatest evil is what these psychopaths DO with the fiat they print. Untold death and destruction. Millions of dead between Iraq, Afghanistan and our other misadventures. Thousands of Americans dead. Trillions of dollars. The treasure of a nation… all now blown up, in the hands of the Taliban or converted to mansions in McLean VA owned by well connected contractors.

Last week it appears the US killed another seven children in yet another drone bomb. In Fallujah Iraq in 2004 we used white phosphorus to burn dozens of people alive who had taken shelter. The tens of thousands of bodies stacked up are hard to conceive of. If we had sound money, no one would support this. No American would write a check for $450,000 for a drone missile to kill kids. No American would voluntarily pay $70,000 a year to keep a weed dealer in prison. We’d never pay for the jackboots standing on faces. We’d never pay Fauci a salary of $400k or a budget/ perks package in the millions. We’d never pay for a thousand other acts of violence or vanity done by the ruling class. With fiat they know we don’t have to pay directly, they can just take it from us by debasing our currency and printing more fiat for their banker and contractor cronies.

What is more evil than murdering children and civilians or destroying the jobs, hope and freedoms of people? Fiat indeed represents Old Testament level of evil. True and pure malevolence. Today we see fiat taking on it’s true form: global, sprawling, pervasive tyranny. Movement passes, a massive surveillance state, 1.8 million people in US prisons, (sometimes non-violent offenders in for profit prisons), absurd school teaching policies and complete destruction of human rights…all fueled by this fake Monopoly money called fiat.

The centralized ruling class elites told us that Iraqis would welcome us with open arms, they told us the Mujahideen (who later became the Taliban) were the good guys. They told us we could go to Afghanistan and make it better with bombs and death. They were wrong. This is the disease of authoritarians: they are arrogant enough to think they know better and do not think of consequences.

These same central planners with their money printer now have morphed “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “we don’t know how many vaccines you’ll need but you won’t have freedom of movement without them”. We see the largest uptick in tyranny in human history with shocking abuses in Australia, Canada and even in the US. Businesses closed, jobs and freedoms lost, speech censored and even people jailed for opposition to this. The US DHS — a 300,000 person domestic standing army created as part of a “war on terror” now considers people protesting lockdowns to be a terrorist threat.

Mass psychosis combined with authoritarianism, central control and an unlimited checkbook is a recipe for profound human suffering. Since the tyrants have the guns and the MRAPs, a fight with force would be bloody and hard fought. Fortunately we don’t need to fire a shot to defeat the evils of fiat. We just need to use something better. If we starve the beast by using better money, the tyrants have no more funds for drones to bomb kids or boots to stomp heads.

Fiat is like the ring of Sauron in Lord of the Rings. It is the source of the power of tyrants. All consuming, evil, malevolent and completely corrupting of even the purest of souls. We pleb citizens are but cogs in a wheel. Like a humble Hobbit versus a Balrog or Sauron we have little chance in a battle of force. Instead, we can cast the ring of power into the fire and starve the beast. We can’t effectively fight, but we can peacefully opt out of the evil system.

Bitcoin presents the first independent global money that is not centrally controlled. It’s not perfect but it is our best hope right now to stop the march of tyranny and the destructive murderous nature of fiat. We’ve made a better form of money. We’ve made a form of money based on math and predictability not based on leaders and authority. No one can debase Bitcoin or change its rules. It is voluntary and peaceful.

We are in a fourth turning, an epoch shift in how the entire world works. The miracle invention of Bitcoin has come to the world exactly at the time we need it most. Opt in and let’s build a better world together.

Article by Bruce Fenton, CEO, Chainstone Labs Founder, Atlantic Financial, Satoshi Roundtable, #Bitcoin, securities. Owner of Watchdog Capital, a US broker dealer.

Fiat is evil. Opt out. Buy Bitcoin.
Fiat is not just a little bit evil like a scam or the type of graft and corruption we often see. Fiat is not just Janet Yellen being paid $7.2 million for Zoom calls with big bank cronies. Fiat is…
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