We are back!

After a short break, during which several members of the DT team suffered some unusually cold weather, decentralize.today returns to face another year.

The one we have just left behind was exceptional to say the least. Bear market in crypto, war in Europe, electoral turmoil globally and the resurgence of Covid have left the world battered and bruised.

So we've decided that we need our content to be more focused and forward looking in order to help you get through life with a little more certainty and security.

We'll continue to provide Privacy Updates that will highlight the information and hardware you need to make your time online safer. We believe 'Privacy' doesn't have to take an 'all or nothing' approach and that there are a lot of 'small steps' you can take. Check out our companion site at privacy.do for more information.

While we believe there are usually two sides to every story, we don't believe that all stories get the coverage they deserve so EXPOSED! will highlight the governments, companies and individuals who need additional airtime!

The triple threats to cryptocurrencies of manipulation, criminality and over-regulation need to be addressed and will be, likewise the real use cases for blockchain and the 'best in class' examples of decentralization.

Finally, the greatest existential threat to humankind remains the impact of climate change. The science is clear, what isn't so is the responce. The processes and technologies to address all aspects of this crisis exist, what doesn't is the political will and the economic incentive! We'll cover more on this during the next year.

We rely on our community for content and support and for that we will be forever grateful.

The fight goes on...

We publish daily doses of decentralization to over 3900 regular visitors, and boost out on Mastodon, Twitter, Telegram, Tribel and Element (Matrix) to over 4400 daily followers and growing! Please like & share our output. We rely on you for content, so please write for us. We welcome sponsorship and donations to help us continue our work - all major cryptos accepted or maybe buy us a coffee. Contact us at blog@decentralize.today - many thanks for all donations received, much appreciated.
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