Why it is possible and very likely?

Can Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies actually crash to zero? It is possible and very likely, actually. Why? Let’s break it down and please read this with an open mind.

Decentralised and (pretty much) indestructible
This is something that I find truly fascinating about crypto. Nobody can create a fake copy of Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency, but I will use BITCOIN to make it easy for the article) and nobody can control it. We can argue on the “control” part but essentially Bitcoin is decentralised, nobody owns it, nobody can switch it off, nobody can hack it or permanently destroy it. It will always be here as long as someone can keep the blocks alive. Therefore it cannot be destroyed. Sounds perfect!

But who would want to destroy it anyway? Well, I am sure you already know the answer — the BANKS. Why? Because they want control, power, centralisation. Then this decentralised cryptocurrency comes and they realise there is NO WAY they can switch it off or stop it. This is where my whole point of this article is. WHAT CAN THE BANKS DO to stop Bitcoin from taking over? They are already doing it, and we have been fooled blind.


When you know you can’t win against something from the outside, you need to try and win from the inside. And everything is going according to the plan to achieve that.

First, you need to manipulate the masses. Tell them how Bitcoin undermines the banks. Perfect, they will trust the Bitcoin ecosystem and pour money into it. Second, you need to make them believe that they can become rich and independent. Youtube and social media is full with influencers that are getting rich on Bitcoin. This will get even more people in. That is when you pull the rug on all of them, because you’ve been preparing for that. How? Now I will get into the infiltration part.

USD Tether.

You already know it. You create a USD backed cryptocurrency. This allows you to inflate the price of Bitcoin and make it attractive to the community even more. You don’t need any actual USD to inflate the price. How simple. Mint fake USD coin, this way you are bringing FAKE value to the ecosystem, inflating the price with NO MONEY WHATSOEVER. How more obvious can this be?

Why is this such an issue?

There is no real money flowing into Bitcoin. Apart from regular investors and crypto noobs out there, the whole USDT flowing into Bitcoin is FAKE VALUE. What shocks me is that nobody talks about this. Imagine, billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin are bought with actually NO MONEY. What does that mean? The banks have already scammed us big time. They have minted about 80 BILLION DOLLARS into blockchain and used this to purchase Bitcoin.
What would you do if this was possible? What would you do if you can write “1000 USD” on a piece of paper and buy gold with it? You would hoard ounces and ounces of gold at home with pieces of paper. Everything would seem okay with the markets. Until you take all that gold and sell it for actual dollars. What would happen if all of a sudden someone showed up at an exchange with tons of gold and sold it?

You know where I am going with this. Please, open your eyes. The Bitcoin is inflated with fake money. How I wish this was not true, but it has been in our faces for too long now. Use logical thinking please and open your eyes, because the banks have been scamming us with fake USD in crypto space.


Article by Deflacrypto originally posted here: https://blog.cryptostars.is/how-can-bitcoin-and-all-crypto-go-to-zero-369cae40b64a

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