As part of our commitment to an emphasis on adoption, project utility and real use cases, we will carry more updates on a variety of projects that we believe can make a difference. Today, DNS provider, DeCloudUs and a comprehensive briefing on where things go from here with the Particl Project.


Dear subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that we just completed a Major Release for January 2022. With this release, DeCloudUs DNS Custom Server extended the ability to develop DNS rewrite rules and added a new "Privacy Extreme" block category.

- Custom DNS rewrite rules: users are now able to add DNS rewrite rules to be in full control for how Custom DNS responds to a particular domain or subdomain query. Through this feature, users are able to create their own private DNS records; for example, if you have a device that you only access when connected to your home network, you can create a DNS record for this device on Custom DNS to respond with the private IP (i.e. mydevice.home^=

You can also use this feature to instruct Custom DNS to respond with a different IP address for a particular domain or subdomain; for example, if you have a device with hard-coded Google NTP server name, instead of letting it connect to Google IP, you can configure Custom DNS to serve the IP address of a different non-Google NTP server (i.e.^ To use the feature, please visit Custom DNS settings page to see syntax instructions and examples.

- "Privacy Extreme" setting: this option blocks additional services that are often embedded within popular sites that could be used to track your activities. These additional domains are not part of our "Privacy by Default" baseline because blocking them is known to cause an impact, in certain cases, on different sites features and functionality.

While Custom DNS users always have the ability to block any domains/sites/services beyond our baseline, we wanted to make it a little easier to more aggressively block thousands of additional domains by a click of a button. If you enable this setting, you are encouraged to use the custom whitelist to unblock/allow domains that impact your personal online activities.

To make it easier to see Major Releases summaries, we added a section in the Status page that you can access anytime:

As always, if there are any questions, issues, or feedback, please feel free to reply back.

Best regards,

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