Self-proclaimed 'Father' of E-Sports, Ted Owen,  is apparently planning to relaunch Clanbase in 2021 with Version Two of  his new Blockchain-fueled gaming platform called PlayAPI.

"PlayAPI is the culmination of a life spent in the epicenter of the  video game revolution. It is a dream to organize a gamer's life in one  central location, regardless of platform or publisher. We knew we had to  offer significant value to the developers in order to achieve this goal  and have them exclusively hand over their back end data. Our proof of  concept, pre-launch partnership with Jagex is the culmination of that  dream.", - Ted Owen — PlayAPI Founder and Chairman

ClanBase started out at the beginning of 1998 as a war arranging site for mainly Dutch Quake2 clans but shut down in December 2013, after 15 years with over 1000 volunteers helping keep  it alive. Owen's company GGL bought it from the original owners in  December of 2004 but things started going downhill, according to, in 2007 when Clanbase suffered its first heart attack when GGL couldn't  deliver the prize money they put up for the EuroCup. Eventually, it  petered out due to the lack of finances and deterioration of the site.

According to a recent press release, the first step on the way to Blockchain will start with a Beta version of PlayAPI,  launching in 2020, that seeks to invite publishers to share in  PlayAPI's custom software development kit (SDK), which Owen says will  provide unprecedented, best in class back end data and analytics to publishers, diversified revenue streams, including evolutionary leaps in highly-focused, direct-to-consumer, e-commerce transactions (both  in-game and IRL) as well as fair play gambling will 'change gaming as we  know it'.

Owen will relaunch, in Version 2,  launching in 2021, the once massively popular, consumer-facing, video  game social network, which he acquired through his premiere E-Sports  league, GGL or Global Gaming League (Professional Interactive  Entertainment, Inc.).

The plan is for PlayAPI and to seamlessly integrate Blockchain transactions, courtesy of a custom PlayAPI token.

"Blockchain as an anonymous, protected currency and financial  paradigm, independent from government influence, will thrive within  PlayAPI's symbiotic financial and cultural ecosystem, one as of yet  unprecedented in the global mainstream.

This interactive portal will allow users to definitively organize their gaming life: games, friends, leagues, competitors, while efficiently and transparently selling and trading in-game purchases and various virtual items in an  online open market. This concentrated hub will take the global gaming  community and the various publishers attempting to reach them to  undeniable, shared critical mass." - More from the ClanBase news release
"PlayAPI is poised to be as disruptive to the gaming world as Napster  was to the music industry (and physical media as we knew it) while  taking a page from contemporary media's most successful monolithic  portals, such as Spotify and Netflix.

Game Five of the 2017 NBA  Finals — the most-watched Game Five since 1998 — was watched by 24.5  million people. But the 2015 world finals of online game "League of  Legends" nabbed 36 million unique viewers, according to Riot Games." - Ted Owen — PlayAPI Founder and Chairman

The release also noted that plans for Version 3 will attempt to expand E-Sports to the Olympics.

Owen  brought gaming to the IOC prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he  tried to convince them to include gaming but it did not fly. They  weren't ready. But Owen says he sees this as an inevitability, as he  hopes to reignite his campaign once more for Beijing 2022 as an  exhibition sport and officially in Los Angeles in 2028 — where  publishers will bid and compete to see their game utilized, just as  cities bid to host the Olympics. He hopes the process will include a  global, multi-country preliminary tournament, fully optimized by  PlayAPI, fair play-ensured and streamed and presented by

"Gaming is the ultimate universal experience and  engagement platform. PlayAPI will enable and empower massive and  valuable information to multiple stakeholders from players, publishers,  brands and more. Over the years, I have advised and worked with and for  many startups and large companies. PlayAPI is by far the most dynamic  business model I have seen that will deliver a sustainable and highly  valuable set of data, metrics, and insights"

Ed Soo Hoo - Business Development Officer at Lenovo & PlayAPI Board Member

"PlayAPI has created the perfect business model, both  commercially and culturally, to leverage the power of blockchain. Their  innovation unlocks vast latent value, elegantly aligns the vertical and  horizontal stakeholders, and redraws the economic dynamics of the global  gaming community. Whilst many have hypothesized on the marriage value  of the two worlds, Ted has gone one step further and delivered the  structure required that takes Gaming as an Asset Class to the next  dimension"

Daryn Soards — CEO/ Founder, Origin Ventures & EVP of Blockchain Development at PlayAPI

​PlayAPI  has a pre-launch partnership with Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc., which was the winning bidder through its subsidiary Platinum Fortune, LP on the  purchase of Jagex, a British game developer and indie publisher best  known for RuneScape, one of the largest, free-to-play, multiplayer  online role-player games. GGL

Originally published at Blockchain News.

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