Going to let you in on a secret...we might use Nvalla as our hosting service provider...they're the ones who proclaim "Considered the worlds most notorious "Privacy as a Service" provider for domains, VPS' and VPNs."

Generally speaking we are extremely happy with the services they provide.

However, some weeks back, we received (saw) a tweet (converted into the tracer-free Nitter format below) that advised about some impending downtime.

A subsequent communication advised that "we are starting now, things will go down for a few hours." And it duly did...for over 36 hours...we might not have been happy, not because they needed to do maintenance but because we heard nothing...

But in the end, although it was serious for us, it wasn't a disaster...we weren't dodging bullets or trying to shelter from a storm or flood or just trying to survive in any one of the countries being impacted by the current economic disorder...it would just have been nice to have been advised what was going on.

We were reminded of the old banker (tradfi baddies) saying about how the first sign that a borrower is in trouble is when they stop repaying the capital, the second is when they stop paying the interest and the third and final warning sign is when they stop communicating altogether.

This is something we can all learn from...keep communicating, especially in times of stress or distress!

All this aside, we know that Njalla know how to communicate beautifully, see their website for the evidence (link below). We particularly enjoyed their self-owning 'mission statement' on the homepage:

We also enjoyed their tilt at DHL...

And finally this little gem...

So when you know you should...just do it!

Njalla — Worlds most notorious privacy provider for domains, VPS’ and VPNs.
Njalla — Considered the worlds most notorious &quote;Privacy as a Service&quote; provider for domains, VPS’ and VPNs.

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